• Steven Forrest

    Steven Forrest may have a long waiting list, but a reading from this expert Evolutionary Astrologer and Teacher is well worth the wait. Steven's Apprenticeship Program is in a class all to itself. Visit his site for info on one of the richest astrological trainings available.
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  • Demetra George

    Perhaps best known for her work with asteroids, Demetra now stands at the helm of a new frontier of exploration into the techniques of traditional astrology - teachings we haven't had access to for hundreds of years...
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  • Lynn Bell

    Lynn Bell is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology for more than 25 years.
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  • ONLINE | July 11, 2015
    The Four Nets: Mastering Astrological Timing Readings with Steven Forrest
    Solar arc Neptune might be moving through a semi-square to your natal Mercury. Is that worth talking about? It definitely has meaning. But what if transiting Saturn is conjuncting your Sun at the same time? That Saturn event is whole orders of magnitude more significant. If you give them equal time, you’ve suffered a grievous loss of perspective. If you are working with a client and you have only an hour or two, you might have made a real blunder. It might have been wiser to forget that minor solar arc entirely and devote more time to the rich field of meaning symbolized by that epochal Saturn event.
  • San Francisco, CA | August 1-2, 2015
    Exploring Traditional Techniques with Wade Caves, Nina Gryphon, Rhyan Butler
    A Weekend Intensive Workshop: Basic Natal Delineation, Introduction to Horary Astrology, Elections–We Attack at Dawn, Topical Natal Delineation, Astrological Magic–Obtaining Gifts from the Heavens.
  • Port Stephen, Aus| August 3-7, 2015
    Neptune: Ecstasy, Transcendence & Delusion with Steven Forrest
    How can he Neptunian family of configurations in the birth chart aim our spiritual intentions in the most efficient and effective directions? Of what foolishness do they warn us? and how can we prepare ourselves to make the best use of those powerful Neptunian periods that arise via transits, progressions and solar arcs?
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