Video: Saturn Return

Our very own multi-talented Terri Zee produced, wrote and acted in this wonderful documentary short that takes as its subject the crossroads we all face at our Saturn Returns. Terri has graciously shared the full short with us on YouTube. you can watch the full short in 2 parts below. To learn more about Terri, visit her profile.


Video: Fate vs Free Will

The New Interest in Ancient Astrology
Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer discuss the current re-examination of ancient forms of deterministic astrology. Rick shares his comparison of Particle-Wave theory and determinism vs. free will. Recorded at Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR in 2010.

For more information about Rick and Jeff, visit their website.


Video: Space and Density

Space and Density In the Birth Chart
Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer discuss the implications of the space in the birth chart as well as the intensity created by the density of the planets.

For more information about Rick and Jeff, visit their website.


Medical Astrology with Jane Ridder-Patrick

ISAR Astrology Conference 2009
Medical Astrologer Jane Ridder-Patrick graciously allowed us to capture this excerpt from her medical astrology lecture entitled "Sickness the Big Seven." This talk examined some of the psychological and astrological associations Jane has experienced directly with clients in her astrology practice. In this excerpt, Jane is looking at the illness cancer.

For more information about Jane, visit her profile.


Uranus in Pisces with Steven Forrest

Enjoy this preview of Steven Forrest at the Evolutionary Astrology Conference discussing Uranus in Pisces. Full version available soon!

Maurice Fernandez ISAR 2009

ISAR 2009
We caught up with Maurice Fernandez at the ISAR 2009 astrology conference held in Chicago, IL. Maurice gave some excellent talks, including one about his unique approach to using Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th house when working out career issues in the natal chart. In this video, Maurice describes his special approach to astrological readings.

We'll post Part II soon, in which Maurice talks about Neptune. For more information about Maurice, visit his profile.

Elizabeth Spring Video

Visit Elizabeth's profile for more information.

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