How to Choose an Astrologer

Getting a reading from a professional astrologer is a very personal experience. You want to find the best astrologer to work with. And you want to be sure that you connect personally with your astrologer. It's helpful for your astrologer to be coming from the same background, or frame of reference you are, or at the least, that your astrologer is extremely empathetic and compassionate. This can be a challenging process, as great astrologers are often hidden from public view. That's one of the reasons Find An Astrologer exists! We want to help you speed up and narrow your search so that you get great results.

In the past you probably had to rely solely on a friend's referral to find astrological counseling, or at the worst, you may have bravely taken a stab in the dark with an ad from a newspaper or magazine. At Find An Astrologer you can eliminate the guessword by contacting any of the astrologers here that you're interested in, with no obligations. That way you can take the time to ask them questions that will help you select the best astrologer. I can't emphasize this one step enough. It is the key to finding the best match. I encourage you to use this feature well, and contact all of the astrologers that interest you.

Helpful tips for in your first email inquiry

  1. Describe your main question or concern and ask if the astrologer has experience with your particular issue. For instance, are you looking for career advice? Relationship counseling? Past life questions?
  2. Describe your spiritual or religious beliefs and check in to make sure the astrologer is in alignment with you. If you're an atheist, you may not enjoy a reading from a mystical Christian astrologer as much as you would enjoy a deeply psychological astrologer.
  3. Ask yourself if you're looking for a specific result or outcome. If so, communicate that clearly to your astrologer. That way each of you feels clear about what to expect.

Set up a phone interview

If you've chosen to make first contact by email, it might be helpful to also talk with the astrologer over the phone before making your final decision. You can learn a lot about your comfort level with a person by hearing their voice. Schedule a time to call, and get a feel for how you interact on a more personal level. Sometimes you'll just "get a feeling" that this person is just right for you. It's great to be prepared, but when it comes down to it, trust your intuitive process and stay open to synchronicity - signs and signals that let you know you're on the right path with the astrologer you've chosen.

Once you book an astrological reading, don't be afraid to send your astrologer any questions that come up that you'd like to address during the consultation. Some astrologers will appreciate the time to prepare, and without your input they could take the reading in a completely different direction than you are intending if you don't speak up. While they may be able to address your questions on the fly, if you need help with a big subject like relationship issues, or career questions, that would be a helpful thing to let them know in advance.

Get started searching for an astrologer now using this list of astrology specialties.

Good luck searching! If you'd like some personal advice picking the best astrologer for you, contact us. We're happy to help.

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