Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness

Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness
Volume One: Astrology Fundamentals, the Moon, the Sun. and the Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness
ISBN 978-0-615-29654-8
In Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness-Volume 1, Maurice Fernandez creates a work for the beginning astrology student that introduces concepts of spiritual development into the larger framework of understanding the astrological archetypes. Many astrology texts save such information for later, perhaps leaving the discerning student confused by the one-dimensionality and apparent determinism of the information presented. Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness-Volume 1 seeks to inspire new students (and seasoned astrologers too) with the spiritual framework inherently woven in to the very practical archetypal astrological concepts.

The Yoga of Astrology
By mapping the evolution of consciousness Maurice introduces readers to yogic concepts in his explanation of 3 levels of spiritual development that can be interwoven with an understanding of fundamental astrology concepts. This gives readers a way of discovering the place along the journey which they may find either themselves, or their clients. And from there a path to growth is discovered.

Maurice shares his years of extensive experience and wisdom to guide readers through new depths of understanding with clarity and compassion.

For novice astrology students as well as experienced astrologers seeking a holistic look at the foundations of astrology, this accessible and fascinating study is a must. Maurice Fernandez was inspired to write this book to expose beginners to astrology’s deeper spiritual content right from the start. Commonly at first, beginners in the field are introduced to the terms, generalized definitions, and the methodology, and only have access to more meaningful spiritual material much later on. In other circumstances, beginners jump ahead directly to advanced knowledge because they are drawn to the spiritual essence, but then end up feeling overwhelmed upon realizing they lack a solid foundation. This purpose of this book is to bridge these gaps and provide practical guidance without compromising depth.

Many intermediary and more advanced astrology practitioners will also find this volume tremendously insightful as it revisits fundamental concepts in a new and perhaps richer light.

“Destined to become a cornerstone in the literature of Evolutionary Astrology, Maurice’s book is a true ‘manual.’ Students and practitioners will turn to it for years to come, mining its pages for their treasures of insight into the evolutionary possibilities inherent in specific astrological configurations.” -Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky and Yesterday's Sky