The Astrology of Awakening: Eclipse of the Ego

Eric Meyers The Astrology of AwakeningThe Astrology of Awakening: Eclipse of the Ego
Eric Meyers, M.A.
Astrology Sight Publishing (May 2012)
$19.95 ISBN 978-0974776668

This is a time of paradigm shift. We are moving from only identifying in separation consciousness to integrating with our interconnectedness. We are shifting from organizing life around ego in the direction of spiritual realization. Instead of domination, we are learning to live in accordance with nature and each other. Our fundamental approach to life is being reexamined, all of our assumptions and paradigms. How can astrology participate in this giant leap of evolution? The Astrology of Awakening puts forth sensible reforms and adaptations consistent with the collective awakening taking root across the planet.

  • Instead of judging the various parts of the astrology system in terms of potential benefit, we can see all facets of the system for their evolutionary value.
  • As we are "souls having human experiences" the transpersonal is emphasized. All of the planets are explored in terms of spiritual connection.
  • Discussion on the ego -- how it may hinder spiritual realization, but ultimately serve as a vessel for it. We are creating a "sacred marriage" between our autonomy (ego) and Oneness.
  • Review of the Patriarchal Value System which has dominated Western consciousness for millennia. How has it influenced astrology, and what can we do about it?
  • Discussion of our tendency for viewing life dualistically and how that inhibits Oneness. We can partner the relativistic lower mind (Mercury), with the transpersonal mind (Uranus) and refresh our perceptions. A spiritual paradigm to complement the conventional is offered. 
  • Integration with the world's wisdom traditions, teachings from awakened masters, and The Perennial Philosophy.
  • Thorough discussion of the evolution of consciousness: the various levels in how we approach astrology, and how astrology itself is developing through these levels.
  • The Uranus/Pluto square, the astrology of 12/21/12, awakening in culture, Heliocentric Astrology, and much more!

"In The Astrology of Awakening, Eric Meyers writes lucidly and cogently about the evolution of consciousness. He is emerging as one of the bright lights in the next generation of true evolutionary astrologers, adding his unique insights and integrative perspectives to the collective conversation." - Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky and Yesterday's Sky

"With key insights on every page, this is one of the most important books on astrology in decades." -Armand Diaz, Ph.D., author of Integral Astrology

"Eric Meyers has presented a convincing case for how the patriarchal value system is still largely reflected in the way we practice astrology. With unflinching clarity, he deconstructs the good/bad designations and gender-based astrological interpretations we've all learned and offers fresh and common-sense ideas to meet our potential for spiritual evolution in the 21st century. Meyers has started an important and sensitive conversation". Kate Sholly, The Mountain Astrologer magazine

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