Images of Soul

Images of Soul bookImages of Soul
by Hadley Fitzgerald and Judith Harte
Iris & Acorn Press (2014)
$19.95; 210 pages; ISBN 978-0692270530

Review by Steven Forrest

What a feast for mind and soul! Two women, each one of them a master astrologer and an experienced psychotherapist, toss both crafts into the alchemical pot of their shared creative imagination. In pushing the boundaries of both systems, they reveal a path into a wider, saner, and more integrated future.

Review by Gisele Terry, MFT, President, International Society for Astrological Research

I found Images of Soul to be a creative, original, and inspiring example for clinicians like myself who see it as part of our life's work to merge the astrological and psychological perspectives in a clinical setting. The images of soul explored throughout this book forge a creative pathway toward the deeper fusion of psychotherapy and astrology—the two companionable modes of perceiving psyche.

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