Elements & Evolution

Eric Meyers Elements and EvolutionElements & Evolution
Eric Meyers.
Astrology Sight Publishing (July 22, 2010)
$19.95 paper (312p) ISBN 0974776645

Many books seek out new branches on the tree of astrology. Eric Meyers works the roots. Elements & Evolution marks a major step forward in examining the core symbolism of astrology. Eric proposes a simple but powerful reframing of our understanding of the elements, attaches it to evolutionary astrology, and opens a door of awareness that will enrich anyone's comprehension of the subject. The superb writing, originality and utility of the ideas, and Eric's mastery of astrology's language are invaluable gifts for the spirit and the mind. ----Jeff Jawer

This groundbreaking, innovative book explores how the 4 elements structure and catalyze spiritual evolution from a number of angles. It explores Cyclical Evolution (the great cycle through the zodiac), and Progressive Evolution (the development of consciousness), and offers commentary on the evolutionary purpose of every facet of astrology. This is not a book about chart interpretation, rather, it aims to reveal the underlying workings of astrology itself.

The thought-provoking information may inform anyone’s approach to charts by adding layers of nuance, clarifying how the various aspects relate to soul growth, and understanding the relationship of astrology and consciousness. It is already being considered a “major” contribution by many leaders in the field.

Contributions include a new classification of the elements: Water & Fire are discussed as being “charged”, and Earth & Air are “neutral.” Progressive evolution discusses how our soul growth occurs at 4 “Elemental Levels” – the physical (Earth), emotional (Water), mental (Air), and soul (Fire). In great detail, this book clarifies the process of spiritual awakening as seen through astrology and the 4 Elements which compose its spiritual landscape.

  1. New Classification of the Elements: Water & Fire (Charged), Earth & Air (Neutral).
  2. Elemental Levels of Reality Physical (Earth), Emotional (Water), Mental (Air), and Soul (Fire).
  3. In-depth discussion of the evolutionary purpose of every aspect.
  4. Evolution presented cyclically (evolutionary cycle around the zodiac), and progressively (the development of consciousness).
  5. A comprehensive spiritual philosophy of astrology. It is suitable for all astrology students or professionals -- anyone who is interested in a spiritual understanding to astrology, and seeks an overarching philosophy of evolutionary growth.


  1. The 4 Elements;
  2. Neutral & Charged Elements;
  3. The Evolutionary Cycle;
  4. Aspects & Evolution Part 1: Oppositions & Trines;
  5. Aspects & Evolution Part 2: Squares & Sextiles;
  6. Aspects & Evolution Part 3: Quincunxes;
  7. The Evolution of Consciousness;
  8. Elemental Levels;
  9. Liberation & Manifestation;
  10. The Spiral Stairway;
  11. Appendix) Complex Aspect Configurations

Eric Meyers has given us a new astrology of the spirit: a lucid, coherent system that allows us, paradoxically, to understand the elusive and the numinous. ----Jessica Murray

Eric's fresh perspective on the function of the elements in astrology offers penetrating insight. By expanding the reach of fundamental concepts into the process of human evolution, he illustrates an in-depth cosmology underlying the stages of personal and spiritual growth. Those new to astrology will find this book to be a superb foundation, while experienced students will discover refreshing new applications of the elements. He also includes a gem of a chapter on world religions. All this from the elements? Yes, indeed! ----Gloria Star