Saturn Returns: The Private Papers of A Reluctant Astrologer

Elizabeth Spring Saturn ReturnsSaturn Returns: The Private Papers of A Reluctant Astrologer
Elizabeth Spring
$21.95 ISBN 978-1461093619

"Elizabeth has done it again. "Saturn Returns" is something I've been awaiting for a long time -- an intelligent, first-person, integrative recounting of "how to be human," interpreted in astrological terms. Her journey as an honest, transparent, self-examining woman is in first place here, but she uses the lens of astrology to sharpen her vision, correct her blind spots, and provide an evolutionary, meaningful, spiritual framework for her personal story. This is just what modern astrology needs -- the missing link between theory and life." - Steven Forrest

The Saturn Return profoundly changes everyone's life around the ages of 29 and 59. What happens to us then? And how do we understand the "fated" astrological predictions that challenge us in these times? What do we dare to believe? Elizabeth Spring, M.A. is a professional Jungian astrologer who has written about the poignant journey of Isabelle, a "reluctant astrologer" as she makes her way through her Second Saturn Return, re-discovering herself through a quest to save her life, her marriage, and her daughter, while struggling to reconcile the opposites within herself.

In this fictionalized memoir, we follow Isabelle's journey through the back streets and bookshops of Beacon Hill, to sacred monasteries in Lindisfarne, England, to Carl Jung's stone retreat in Zurich. Through her journals and private emails Isabelle mentors a young woman through her first Saturn Return, while they both are learning how life ripens and deepens us as we move through the Saturn Returns.

Written for astrologers as well as non-astrologers, this book is composed of two parts: Book One: the memoir of a "reluctant astrologer" where Isabelle re-imagines how to change a broken life into a "re-enchanted life" and Book Two: the non-fiction book on Saturn that Isabelle is writing--the book we might all have wished we had to help us through the challenging times of life's toughest transitions.

Elizabeth Spring's work has been endorsed by writer/astrologer, Alice Howell, astrologer Steven Forrest, and Jungian analyst, James Hollis. She is a past First Place winner of the Santa Barbara Screenwriters Contest for her screenplay on the lives of Krishnamurti and the early Theosophists.