The Soul's Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation and Karma

The Soul's JourneyThe Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation and Karma
by Tom Jacobs
CreateSpace Publications
$19.95 paperback ISBN 978 –1- 4515-2899-2

Review by Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology
Originally published in the ISAR Journal

The Soul's Journey I is one of the clearest, most concise and soulful publications on astrology as a tool to the soul’s journey that I have ever had the privilege to read. Tom skillfully combines astrological knowledge with channeled information from ascended masters and discarnate spirits, producing a book that offers insightful practical tools to assist both astrologers and non-astrologers during this time of immense change.

Tom’s core purpose to “help the client’s personality to come into greater alignment with the purpose of his/her soul in this particular lifetime”, through an understanding of their overall soul journey, is evidenced throughout the book.

In the initial section of the book, the author sets the context for his astrological methodology through reminding us in an easily readable manner, of some simple core fundamental spiritual truths that are so easily forgotten in the business of our daily life. For example: the uniqueness of being a human on earth in the greater context of our galaxy and others and how having a physical body enables us to “viscerally experience emotion” as well as offering us the unique capacity for creation and manifestation.

Tom also reminds us that many of us choose to spend our entire lives just dealing with “the content of our emotional experience” rather than experiencing all of our rich potential. Early in the book Tom confirms that the transition we are all living through is very real, as we shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, heading towards the end of the Mayan Calendar, which Tom interprets as the completion of the current evolution of consciousness. Tom suggests some simple tasks which can assist us in the lead-up to this time including: releasing the baggage of our painful experiences and memories, enabling us to live in the present and learning to know ourselves as “spiritual and energetic beings”.  This involves a shift in mindset about past experiences, rather than engaging with the story.

Deftly moving his emphasis more to astrology, Tom suggests the importance of a wider multidimensional approach, based on an energetic understanding of the symbols of astrology. He clearly outlines the function of the birth chart as “the map of a soul’s themes”, (rather than events) and a means of assessing where the soul is at in its process. In presenting his methodology, Tom begins with a brief presentation of the basics of astrology, including lesser-used bodies such as True Black Moon Lilith, Lucifer and Arjunsuri. He continues with an overview of astrological themes and archetypes as well as the Nodes and Pluto. The final three chapters present case studies and celebrity charts covering: life issues and chart patterns, karma, life and death including suicide.

In the words of Steven Forrest, in the forward to this rich, yet humble book “these insights from disembodied beings combined with Tom’s own natural insights and his solid training in Evolutionary Astrology, places him and this fine book on the cutting edge of not only Evolutionary Astrology, but also the emerging paradigms of sacred psychology”.

This book is excellent reading for all levels of astrologers as well as non-astrologers.

(On a personal note: I first encountered Tom Jacobs in 2005 whilst living in LA where we met on a regular basis to discuss and share our thoughts on astrology and spirituality. Through our meetings I had the opportunity to observe Tom channeling information, leaving me in no doubt that his gifts as a medium and channel are very real. I am delighted to review this book).

Tom Jacobs is the author of “Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys” as well as “Seeing through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening.” Tom is an Evolutionary Astrologer, medium and channel. Tom has been a member of Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program since 2004.

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