Uranus: The Constant of Change

Uranus by Eric MeyersUranus: The Constant of Change
by Eric Meyers, M.A.
2008: Astrology Sight Publishing

Uranus: The Constant of Change is an astrology book written for a general audience. It addresses the revolutionary planet at personal, social and transpersonal levels. Included are sections on Uranus in aspect to planets and in signs, Uranian individuals, Uranian events and cycles with the other planets. There is extended discussion about current Uranian activity: The Uranus/Saturn opposition and the applying Uranus/Pluto square. The transpersonal chapters address the spiritual implications of Uranus like no other astrology book has done. Seen as the metaphysical structure that envelops us and the "intelligence of nature," the Uranian matrix is the behind-the-scenes coordinator of our spiritual growth. How we align with the matrix, develop non-attachment, partner with reality (Saturn), and much more is thoroughly discussed. This book offers an authentic, non-denominational spiritual understanding of the universe and our place in it.

"Eric Meyers presents a complete mandala of the astrological Uranus: a tool for inner exploration, a guide for predictive trends, or a starting point in historical research. The breadth of scope, and depth of understanding, leads to one of the most comprehensive works devoted to any one astrological symbol. This book provides a wealth of material and insight." --Bill Streett, from the Foreward