Amber Flynn

Amber Flynn AstrologerAmber Flynn in an exuberant soul with a true heart-felt intention to be of service. Ready to be your own personal cheerleader, Amber helps guide clients to their unknown inner reserve of strength. Amber goes the extra mile with follow-up, sending out an artful packet of supplementary material.

Amber takes pride in having a wealth of resources to offer her clients. She is well-versed in Western Astrology as well as Vedic astrology, and can take either focus (or both) in your reading. This sounds confusing, but it doesn't have to be, when you consider that Vedic astrology doesn't offer a competing perspective as much as it offers additional information. Amber is especially gifted at making clear this hard-to-decipher material. And she does it with sheer pleasure.

Amber’s  interest in Astrology began in her early twenties when a friend gave her the book Love Cards by Linda Goodman. The simplicity and depth inherent in Astrology's teachings captivated and inspired her. Her love of this ancient wisdom teaching continues to this day.

For over 20 years Amber has been sharing her gifts with clients in a counseling setting. Through careful study and observation, she now applies that added wisdom to her current approach to readings.

Amber has found - through years of practical observation with clients - that many health issues are related to deeply rooted toxic beliefs and early childhood conditioning. Amber’s system of counseling goes directly to the core of an individuals issues utilizing many different tools including traditional Western Astrology, Eastern (the Science of Jyotish) Astrology, Numerology, and Cardology. The depth and richness of her dynamic presentation along with her honest counseling provides an experience for her clients that is filled with integrity, wisdom and a profound love of the healing process.

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