Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey A genius visionary astrological activist wordsmith, Caroline Casey is loved for her Solstice and Equinox celebrations, as well as her politically-charged, inspiring Visionary Activist radio show.

A native of Washington, DC, Caroline (pronounced to rhyme with wine) is the youngest of five children born to an Irish-Democrat-New-Deal Congressman, and a politically active Yankee Swede. With a degree in Symbol Systems (semiotics) from Brown University, she has studied astrology, magic, mythology and social activism around the world.

Casey's first audio book, Visionary Activist Astrology was published by Sounds True. Now out of print, the original audio files may be downloaded from her website, and are well worth acquiring. Casey's book Making the Gods Work For You is a singular text, and a must-have for any modern astrologer seeking inspiration in understanding the language of the planetary archetypes. The (abridged) audio version of the book includes her unique theatrical performance of information with cross-cultural musical interludes.

Casey gives readings like no other astrologer. Her ability to hold several cultural frames of reference, ancient wisdom traditions, and cutting-edge astrological thought simultaneously leads to a rich presentation, whether in a live workshop or in a private reading. Every private reading she gives is blessed by this magic-infused global approach through which she weaves the story of you into a rich tapestry from which inspiration can be drawn for a lifetime.

Caroline is forever on a quest to choose the most perfect living words for every moment. This dynamic interplay unfolds organically from within her in such great abundance, that recordings of her speaking prove to be invaluable tools for learning that you can revisit for inspiration again and again.

Primary astrological consultant for Time-Life Books' 1989 book "Cosmic Connections", Casey has offered mythological-astrological news analysis on ABC"s "Nightline", CNN's "Crossfire", in "People Magazine", on Public Radio, the Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS's "Nightwatch", "Fox Morning News", "Equal Time", "The Washington Post" and more.

Casey's Trickster Training program is comprised of weekly conference calls in which Casey illuminates the news of the ever-unfolding now in the context of training others to animate a living astrological and magical language. Conversations include fellow "tricksters" working together to actively engage their destiny.

Caroline is also available for private readings. Visit her profile to connect.

Selected Works

  • {audio}audio/caseySummerSol2009.mp3{/audio} Caroline Casey - Summer Solstice Celebration 2009 Buy Full Version
  • Making the Gods Work for You Making the Gods Work for You Caroline's first and classic published work collects the foundation of her groundbreaking approach to astrological languaging. Hard to find and worth the effort.