Hadley Fitzgerald

Hadley FitzgeraldHadley embodies the kind of wisdom gained through dedication and life experience. As a psychotherapist, her approach to astrology serves as bridge between the real issues of earthly life and the soulful realms of the archetypal and mythic. Her readings strike the deepest resonant chords our souls yearn to play. Contact Hadley here.

Hadley has been a psychotherapist for nearly 28 years and an astrological consultant for 40 years. She is able to uncover issues and material in a natal charts that warrant further exploration in a therapeutic setting. In an ongoing therapeutic setting, her goal is to provide a spiritual context and language for the exploration of personal issues - i.e. to examine their possible meaning as well as the process by which they seem to be unfolding. In the setting of a one-time astrological reading, her goal is to provide psychological understanding as well as an evolutionary, spiritual context for the exploration of your individual soul's life pattern. An astrologer for reflective thinkers as well as emotional explorers, Hadley can weave the story of your life into a framework that is both affirming and inspiring. She is skilled, gifted, and simply one of the best.