Jessica Murray

Jessica MurrayJessica Murray is an accomplished author, thinker and astrologer, whose gifts to the community include the wonderful book Soul Sick Nation. An astrologer for over 35 years, she reaches out to the world from her home base in San Francisco, CA.

Jessica loves shedding light on the spiritual underpinnings that shape both the personal and collective experience of our time. In her private practice, she draws from her knowledge of many metaphysical traditions to provide her clients with a sense of the big picture. Her readers and students are given an understanding of how they might respond, rather than merely react, to the turbulent times we find ourselves living in.

Jessica trained as a fine artist before graduating in 1973 from Brown University, where she studied Jungian psychology and linguistics. After a few years in a political theatre troupe, Jessica began to study the symbolic language of archetypes, and soon after began practicing astrology.

Jessica offers a paid subscription to her monthly Skywatch astrology updates as well as a downloadable lecture series that describes the years of the Cardinal Crossroads (2008-2023), illuminating its major transits in vivid detail. Her book, Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America, is an in-depth study of the United States from an astrological perspective. Jessica writes for multiple publications, including The Mountain Astrologer Magazine and, and contributes regular blog entries to her website MotherSky.

Jessica offers a full range of astrological readings; by phone or in-office, in a professional, comfortable setting complete with a pot of fine tea.

You may contact Jessica at her website and blog MotherSky.

Selected Works

  • {audio}JessicaMurrayPodcast.mp3{/audio} Podcast on Where America is Headed
  • At the CrossroadsAt the Crossroads At the Crossroads pulls no punches in its discussion of the global realities that make our era so intense, elucidating the role we play as individuals. As she uncovers the deeper meaning of world-altering events, Jessica shows how even the most daunting of them can be used to inspire the unique genius in every one of us.
  • Soul Sick NationSoul Sick Nation For anyone dismayed by the current state of the world, this book provides a visionary perspective as extraordinary as the times we are living in. This keenly intelligent work elucidates the meaning of an epoch in distress, and proposes a path towards healing...leaving you shorn of illusions and full of hope.