Steven Forrest

Steven ForrestSteven Forrest may have a long waiting list, but a reading from this expert Evolutionary Astrologer and Teacher is well worth the wait. Steven's Apprenticeship Program is in a class all to itself. Visit his site for info on one of the richest astrological trainings available.

Steven began exploring astrology in his teenage years after discovering a profound interest in the stars. He received a B.A. in Religion in 1971 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and shortly thereafter began to establish his astrological practice.

In 1984, Bantam Books published his first book, The Inner Sky. Esquire magazine called it "intelligent, well-written and actually fun." In 1986 he published The Changing Sky, a practical manual of how to work with astrological timing. In 1993, he released The Night Speaks, an extended argument for the intellectual and philosophical plausibility of astrology. His fifth work,The Book of Pluto, was released in May 1995. Regarding that book, HOROSCOPE magazine described Steven as "not only a premier astrologer, but also a wise man."

In 2002, Steven reworked his 1988 book on relationships, Skymates into two new volumes: Volume One, Skymates: Love, Sex, and Evolutionary Astrology and Volume 2: Skymates: The Composite Chart. In 2004, Seven Paws Press published Rafael Nasser's Under One Sky, featuring a chapter by Steven in addition to several other top astrologers. Twelve astrologers were given a woman’s birth information. Each created an interpretation. Chris Lorenz, writing in HOROSCOPE, wrote, “As a perpetual student myself, I wanted to know which astrologer did the best . . . Readers will come to their own conclusions about which astrologer was most on target, but for me, the clearest, most consistently accurate statements were given by Steven Forrest.&rdquo

In 2008, as the culmination of ten years of research, Steven released Yesterday’s Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation his textbook on reincarnational astrology. And in 2016 he released The Book of Neptune, his definitive description of the spiritual underpinnings of Neptune in the birth chart.

Steven won the 1985 Professional Astrologers Incorporated Award for "Outstanding Contribution to the Art and Science of Astrology," and was nominated for a United Astrology Congress Regulus Award in 1992, 1995, and 2008.

Sting says of Steven's readings that he ". . . manages to disarm the sceptic, as well as debunk the charlatanism that surrounds popular astrology, with language that is as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." DELL HOROSCOPE describes him as "not only a premier astrologer, but also a wise man." Callie Khouri, who wrote the screenplay for the mega-hit film Thelma and Louise praises his "humor, insight, poetry, and astute, articulate observations of human nature." O: THE OPRAH MAGAZINE describes his philosophy this way: "Forrest's approach . . . stops the blame game in its tracks. . . we're warriors fulfilling our turbulent evolutionary paths."

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