Frederick Woodruff

Frederick Woodruff
Esoteric, Psychological, Transpersonal, Western
Natal, Progressions
Frederick Woodruff
Because my work is process-oriented I prefer working with clients through a SERIES of sessions. This allows the field between us to establish, and a level of trust to deepen, which facilitates a more meaningful and substantial exchange.

My pricing is as follows:

70 minute introductory session: $190.00

A series of four or more sessions at 50 minutes each, discounted. See website for further details.
My experience with astrology and my commitment to a path of self-realization spans 40 years. I'm a 25-year student of the Diamond Approach and my understanding of this system of self-realization informs my work with clients.

Often the sense of dissatisfaction or dis-ease in life is related to the feeling of meaninglessness in one's life. Discovering ways to align with meaning is crucial. And this is my aim in working with clients.

I use dream work in my practice, and active inquiry -- the art of dialogue -- in helping my clients discover THEIR truth, THEIR understanding and THEIR inner guidance. I do not do divination-based predictive work.

See website for further details.