August Astrocycles 2013

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWe welcomed the month of August with the Grand Trine in water still pulsing away in our consciousness, urging us to flow with our being, with the changes gradually manifesting in our world…whether we like it or not. Have faith, says Jupiter in Cancer! Trust in Source, says Neptune in Pisces! Feel deeply, says Saturn in Scorpio!

Despite these messages, the wee and insecure part of our ego still remains afraid and unsure that we are big enough, wise enough, strong enough. Venus in Virgo gives this idea emphasis, and as we started the month with Venus opposing Chiron, old wounds to our self-esteem may have been triggered.

Mars was joined with Jupiter in the first days of the month, which gave a bolstering effect to Jupiter. Yet Mars was exactly square Uranus as well, substantially increasing the odds of experiencing sudden bursts of anger and frustration on the part of ourselves or others! If that square was aspecting something in your chart, I hope you took extra precautions. Sudden, jarring episodes may have occurred.

When a sudden unexpected occurrence shows up in your life, your first impulse needs to be taking care of yourself. The second impulse needs to be gentleness. Too often, with a personal planet in Virgo, as Venus happened to be, we will blame ourselves, and believe the worst of the one to whom we need be the best friend. Gentleness with ourselves is generally a good idea in difficult times. Not that we don’t need to accept our share of responsibility; it’s that we are more able and willing to take that responsibility if we are feeling loved. Know that events which happen suddenly “out of the blue” and shake us up, may be just what we need to literally awaken us to an inner event that is freeing up a new area of consciousness. Remember, this is a time of evolution and revolution, both internally and externally!

For the weekend, August 3 and 4, the Moon, in its last days of its monthly cycle, moved through Cancer, touching upon Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Yes, there were lots of feelings and sensitivity with the Moon joining the water trine. There could have been easily bruised egos, and inner trepidation. The period just before the New Moon can be a great time for releasing energy. However, for those who took the time to walk by the sea, a stream or lake, savoring the wind and nature’s beauty, a lovely peacefulness could also have been found. Some of the sharpness of prior days was losing its edge. Mars was slowly moving on from its conjunction to Jupiter and its square to Uranus. And even Pluto, opposing Jupiter, can sometimes be lulled to calm by a gentle scene in the wild.

On August 5 the Moon, in its final waning moments, moved into Leo, in preparation for its dark phase. On August 6 at 2:51 PM PDT, we have the New Moon in Leo. There’s a waning trine to Uranus in Aries from our Sun/Moon conjunction, and a square to the moon’s nodes. Because the New Moon phase is one of new beginnings, and this one is in the sign of Leo, we can look at this time as a burst of creative energy.

With Jupiter squaring Uranus, our creativity is energized by the urge to go beyond current boundaries. It is a time to open to one’s intuitive capacity, which may require letting go of some old conditioned ideas which limit our imagination, require mental “proofs,” or tell us not to believe in dreams and visions. Increasing consciousness demands some risk-taking, leaping into unknown territory, but the rewards are worth every moment of panic.

The second week of the month may seem mundane compared to the first week, but it is August after all, so relax and enjoy a bit of summertime. Mercury moves into Leo, allowing our communication a bit more charm. On the 9th, the Moon conjoins Venus in Virgo, so after you’ve tidied up the house, or organized a staff meeting, you might enjoy some time with friends!

And about that staff meeting? This is a great week to really move forward on plans for meaningful changes in projects, and while you’re at it, express your ideas to the appropriate people about new opportunities for expansion. Jupiter is intensely involved with both Pluto and Uranus, and being in Cancer, your ideas are likely to be both thoughtful and not overly risky. The Moon will move through Libra. Initiative will be accentuated, appreciated, and understood.

On August 12 and 13, the Moon in Scorpio will conjunct both Saturn and the North Node of the Moon, and we may experience some strong feelings or intuitions about the direction we need to move. Trust them. You may not sense the need to share these ideas with anyone, and that’s okay. But definitely do not reject them out of hand, even if they seem at odds with ideas previously held.

Venus moves into her own sign of Libra on August 16, just in time for the weekend. She’ll be out of her perfectionist mode and on to relationship mode, her favorite! And with both the Sun and Mercury in Leo, some good times are forecast. Make sure you’re following all rules, though. The Moon hangs out in Capricorn all weekend, and will “not suffer fools gladly.” Her humor is dry and distinguished, so try nature walks, museum visits, small dinner gatherings.

It’s back to the grind on August 19, but maybe not the usual one. With the Moon in Aquarius, and Mercury conjunct the Sun, we should have clear heads and lots of creativity. Pressure is building to the Full Moon in Aquarius, which occurs August 20, 6:44 PM PDT. By then, Venus is in a waxing opposition to Uranus and in waxing squares to both Jupiter and Pluto. We will be looking to the future, and want to be working with others to get our goals accomplished.

On August 21, while the Moon is in Pisces, and conjoining Neptune, there could be a tendency toward daydreaming or a feeling of spaciness. Avoid missteps by acknowledging this need for taking some breaks, writing a love note to the universe, and then getting back to your innate ability to focus.

The Sun shifts into Virgo on August 22 at 4:10 PM PDT, reminding us that summer is waning, and Fall is coming. The sign of Virgo, representing efficiency, among many other traits, brings up the old adage, “make hay while the sun shines.” It is likely our energy will move more toward getting things done…now. For many of us in this northern hemisphere, it’s in our DNA. In centuries past, people had to gather the crops and prepare for the colder seasons. They began to feel the urgency during the Sun’s stay in Virgo.

Mercury joins the Sun in Virgo the very next day. Mercury is ruler of Virgo, so it has great strength there, in terms of communication and thought patterning. Thoughts may turn to one’s health, and how to take better care of your body. Try to keep a positive spin on your physical health, focusing on improvement, rather than taking a strictly critical perspective, which could actually set you back with a “what’s the use” attitude.

With the Moon coming up to conjoin Uranus also on August 23, opposing Venus, and squaring Jupiter, there could be a lot of energy urging us to take action. One could feel as if you are bursting with ideas! If you feel a bit antsy, there’s also the possibility you could blurt out things you regret later. Be aware of the unpredictable energy. Remind yourself to be somewhat restrained in situations where saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could have unfortunate consequences. Other than that caution, take the energy and go for it!

As we move through the final week of the month, Venus/Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto form a cardinal Grand Cross. This is power, opportunity, relationship, and freedom all packed in a box. Sound explosive? Could be. Could also bring about fruitful and detailed negotiations, if the Sun and Mercury in Virgo are utilized. The Sun and Mercury are in a strong opposition with Neptune, and sextile Saturn. This could allow people to see the strong connections between them, and how all benefit by resolving conflict. If the opportunity part is lost, it could just be a lot of relationship drama.

The Grand Cross will never be exact, as Venus and Jupiter move too fast. Nevertheless, it is a time of opportunity, a time of initiating meaningful changes in our lives, our workplace, our community. Don’t be discouraged if there is initial rejection of your ideas. Be persistent. Change is often unwelcome, but it is also inevitable.

By August 28, Mars moves into Leo, and Venus gradually moves out of the Grand Cross. The Moon in Gemini makes her final square to the Sun, and we start seeing how our expectations from the New Moon in Leo have come to pass. Mars will build toward a square with Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes in the final days of the month. If we are willing, and come from the heart, we can continue to release the past, no matter how painful, and move warrior-like toward a more healing future.

My best to you all! See you in September!


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