Big Money is Afoot!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerToday a set of prosperous cycles begins to come into range. There are actually five sets of big money cycles, one of which peaks tomorrow, Friday April 11th. That cycle (Venus conjunct Neptune) can bring in money, but there can also be a lot of money slipping away without realizing where it's going. So take extra care to track your expenses this week and through the middle of next week. In addition, this cycle can be associated with deception related to money. Con artists are looking for their share!

Venus is exalted and Neptune is in rulership, so both these planets are strong now and there may be confusion about love and/or money. In love, you are likely to be looking through rose-colored glasses, so be careful about mixing love and money.

Right behind that cycle is another truly, great cycle for big money (Venus trine Jupiter). It comes in range late on April 10th. It peaks late on April 17th and is very strong through April 19th. It stays in range through April 24th. Both Venus (the planet of money and love) and Jupiter (the planet of abundance and growth) are in their BEST signs (exalted), so they are both exceptionally strong. This makes it even better for bringing in big money.

In addition, there are two more great money and growth cycles occurring (Venus conjunct Chiron - great for money and love; + Jupiter trine Chiron- great for growth and abundance). These cycles are like gold, while Venus trine Jupiter is like silver. Combined together, they are exceptional times for bringing in big money. Venus conjunct Chiron peaks on April 20th. Jupiter trine Chiron peaks on May 14th.

Then beginning at the Lunar Eclipse on April 15th, we have another cycle come into range (Venus sextile Pluto), which is also associated with big money. or powerful money. This cycle peaks early on April 18th and stays in range through April 20th.

Notice that this incredible set of big money cycles is occurring in the midst of our extremely volatile and explosive energies. To me, this speaks of massive financial changes that could create big money, but also confusion or deception. That in turn can create volatile and explosive reactions from people.

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