Building Community

Little EarthJoin our growing community of astrologers and astrology lovers. is a place where we can connect and learn from each other. As astrologers, here we are, all under one roof, in a forum that makes it so easy to stay connected to each other. Utilize our contact feature on the profiles to connect with each other, and to reach out to mentors. As seekers of astrological guidance, our astrologer profiles are an invaluable tool for locating quality guidance that speaks to you personally.

As a professional astrologer it's easy to become isolated in one's work, such is the business of deep one-on-one interactions with clients on a daily basis. Astrology conferences are great places to connect to renewed energy and inspiration, but they don't happen every day! A visit to can remind you that you're not alone - you're part of a big family of kindred spirits. Reach out to each other for support and guidance through this website.

If you're looking for an astrologer, this is a place where you can connect with and contact as many astrologers as you need to until you find the perfect match. Like all professions, astrology shouldn't be judged on the work of one single representative of the field. As the insightful book Under One Sky reminds us, there are many possible interpretations of the great archetypal symbols used in an astrological reading. Use this sight to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and philosophical frameworks. Give your quest for understanding life's meaning the best chance of growth by getting as much quality input as you can. Use this site as a tool of discernment. Don't be shy about asking questions of astrologers who interest you. They'll be happy to talk with you to find out if you're a good match for each other.

If you're a student of astrology, will help connect you with the larger astrological community and keep you abreast of the latest conference and workshop info around the world. Stay tuned for additions to the site, as we have plans to add an astrology forum where you can discuss all things astrological. And maybe we can get some of the pros to drop in on the conversation now and then...

So welcome. As we dive into this lush and deep terrain together, may we all find what we need.