Careful With Your Spending

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer Are you feeling tempted to spend some money to have a good time? Or maybe you want to splurge and get yourself something you’ve been wanting? On October 14th there is a planetary cycle peaking that’s often associated with spending too much money. This cycle, Venus opposite Jupiter, stays in range through October 19th. So if your budget is tight, be careful during this period. If you can make those spending decisions in joy, then your money will return to you quickly. If you feel guilty about spending the money it may not come back. So check in with yourself before you spend this weekend.

On October 13th, a cycle began that will never quite peak. It will get extremely close to exact, and stay in range through November 24th. This cycle of Mercury conjunct Venus is an excellent cycle for writing, speaking, training, or any other method of communication you prefer. Do you have something important to announce? This cycle would be the time to do it. If you’re writing a book, this cycle will help you. If you’re speaking, this cycle is terrific for helping you get your point across in a clever and effective way. Mercury and Venus stay together through two signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius.

There’s a great mystery here. This cycle gets extremely close to peaking on November 7th, but they don’t actually meet. This suggests that there may be deals that look like they’re going to happen, but then they don’t. Mercury slows down and then goes retrograde before these two can meet. If you sign a major new deal between October 13th and November 7th, then it may not work. Something to consider!

Next, beginning today, October 14th, we get lots of political talk, or perhaps plenty of gossip. This set of cycles is Mercury sextile Pluto and opposite Jupiter. These energies are suspicious of motivations, and people may lack enough sensitivity to be careful about what’s said. A lot of gossip can spread quickly, without being checked for accuracy, so be careful what you believe. At work, watch out for lots of chit-chat that gets nothing done. The good news is that people may get to the bottom of what’s being done and why. Penetrating insights can occur now. This set of cycles peaks on October 16th – 17th and Mercury opposite Jupiter stays in range through October 21st.

Next, beginning on October 15th, peaking on October 21st and staying in range through October 26th, we have a cycle that’s associated with inspirational and visionary leaders. This cycle is Sun trine Neptune. We could certainly use quite a few of these now! After what feels like walking in political wilderness circles for eons, a new vision would be a great sight to behold. This vision is one that includes everyone, not just a select few. Keep your eyes open for these leaders to show up. It could even be you at your work, local, or state level.

In addition, these leaders’ visions are likely to create healing as well as hope. That’s related to a second cycle, Sun trine Chiron. This portion of the leadership comes into range on October 20th, peaks on October 24th, and stays in range through October 30th. This may also relate to doctors and other health practitioners stepping up to the plate to lead on important health and wellness matters, such as Genetically Modified food labeling.
Plus the Sun is now conjunct Saturn in Libra, which is a cycle that’s associated with having a lot of responsibilities to handle. Managers, leaders, and even moms and dads can all get overwhelmed with work at this time. Do your best to maintain your balance while you’re accomplishing all this work. This can feel like you have to keep your nose to the grindstone, but you have help. Especially look for help from the Universe!. Sun conjunct Saturn peaked October 13th, but stays in range through October 20th.

Next, beginning on Sunday October 16th, peaking on the New Moon of October 26th and staying in range through November 4th, we have a cycle that’s often associated with cuts in income or not knowing how to get what you want. It can also be associated with challenging relationship issues. This cycle, which is Venus square Mars is not that much fun, plus there’s a challenging side to it.

A second cycle will soon follow this one, which is also associated with losing money. That may be from not paying attention to how much you’re spending. Or you may deceive yourself or be deceived by someone else. So be careful how you spend your money now, since you may need it in a week or two.

I also want to remind you of two major, long cycles that have been going on for awhile. One of these is Jupiter trine Pluto. Big projects and opportunities are afoot when this cycle shows up and we’re getting close to when it will peak for a second time. That will occur on October 28th. It will peak once more next March 12th – 13th, depending on your time zone. This is a tremendous cycle for creating large-scale projects that meet important needs. A lot of money can be made with this cycle. Now is an excellent time to be working toward creating these projects, since any contracts for those projects need to be signed by that March 12th date. Those projects or products should be practical in nature, and meet the needs of the masses or large customers.

The second major cycle we're in creates revolutionary energies at all levels. That cycle is Uranus square Pluto and it will last until early 2019. With this cycle you can anticipate unexpected changes to our banks and the US dollar, unexpected Earth changes, and even major weather changes, such as the mini-ice age we’re entering. Be sure to have extra supplies of all types on hand for emergencies or lack of available supplies. Remember your pets too!