Can We Predict Earthquakes with Astrology?

by Judith Hill

Judith Hill astrologerIs it possible that earthquakes can be triggered by planetary placements or configuration?

This age old question was explored in a pioneering research project in the late 1980s by researchers Judith Hill and Mark Polit. Previous researchers had struggled to find that "one" cosmic condition that might trigger all great quakes. Uranus was a favorite research planet in those days, probably due to its reputation for sudden, unexpected change!

Hill and Polit discovered that geographic regions are as unique as people. They designed their experiments around seismic regions where the largest quakes could be linked within two hundred miles.

Their complete world  sample of regionally grouped 20th century "Great Earthquakes" allowed them to compare the planetary patterns by region.

Undeniably, a major effect showed in this data. So strong was this effect that Hill-Polit pre-submitted their first trial prediction of an "M7 or above earthquake" to slam the San Francisco Bay area within a detailed six month window in 1989. They even submitted a map, showing the precise region of the coming quake. Hill was so confident of the data's veracity, that she vacated her home in Berkeley, California just prior to the consequent event: the famed 7.1 Loma Linda Quake of October 17, 1989.

So the answer is Yes, sometimes (certainly, not always), large seismic events can be predicted, within a three-six month window by precise region.

The challenge is that you must be looking by region, and you must know what to look for! Also, you must be armed with a history of previous largest magnitude earthquakes in that precise region.

Our obvious question today is:  "Could the M9 Northern Honshu Earthquake of March, 2011 been predicted?" Hill says, "absolutely, had we only been looking. The data is astro-seismically remarkable."

"The glitch was, we were not studying data for Northern Honshu, having gone on to new interests long ago! And even if some astro-seismic researcher had caught this, too few would listen."

The technology for how and what to look for in repeating planetary patterns that might trigger repeating seismic events for specific locales is described in AstroSeismology, by Judith Hill.

The astrological patterns for M8 and above earthquakes (only) from the last century (1900-2011) in North Honshu (exclusively) are so strikingly similar as to leave the viewer agog. Using the Hill-Polit methodology, the planetary graphs for the four Great Quakes of North Honshu charts (1900-2011) look like twins!

Skeptics might see these duplicating patterns as mere artifacts of coincidence. Coincidence or not, clear  planetary effects reliably occur for regionally grouped quakes of largest magnitude. This is one of many useful tools for earthquake prediction. But we need all tools available!

Some Asian countries note the behavior of birds, or other animals, and have used this knowledge to forewarn their populations of impending quakes. Well, why not use planetary patterns too? In some cases, many lives could be saved, and that is more important than letting one's prejudices keep one from studying what could in the future become well-studied and tested methods for preventive safety measures in the face of impending catastrophes.

Our prayers go out to all of those suffering directly from the effects of the recent earthquakes in Japan.


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