End of 2015 Money and Communication

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerOn December 13th, one of the top money cycles according to the Magi Society comes into range (Venus trine Chiron). This cycle peaks on December 19th and stays in range through December 24th. Current money cycles should keep retail sales strong all the way until Christmas. This cycle can also be great for romance.

Beginning December 14th, a second cycle comes in range that’s associated with opportunities for big money and/or passionate love. This cycle (Venus sextile Pluto) peaks on December 17th and stays in range through December 19th. December 12th – 15th is a very good time for a promotion, as well as December 5th, 6th and 7th.

Right after that second cycle ends, another big money cycle comes in range on December 21st. This cycle is associated with lots of money, but beware that you can also spend lots of money with this cycle (Venus sextile Jupiter). This cycle is also associated with eating lots of sweets, fats, and other fun food. It peaks December 24th and is in range through December 26th.

December 13th – 16th, there’s energy to communicate inspired messages, choose forgiveness or compassion, or focus on transcending differences. This is the good news of this period.

Then early on December 16th, two cycles come in range which can be dangerous for driving or other types of accidents. These cycles (Mercury conjunct Pluto and both of them square Uranus) are associated with sudden, unexpected moves in traffic, which can relate to accidents if you're not staying alert. So be extra cautious when driving during December 16th – 22nd.

These cycles are also associated with unexpected news, including corruption that’s been uncovered. We may see a lot of this during the latter half of December and again the latter half of January.

Mercury square Uranus can also relate to havoc with computers, printers, phones, and other electronic equipment. Get ahead of the game and back up often, and don’t assume that someone got your email, text or voice mail. Miscommunications are possible.

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