Take Advantage of Good Cycles in February

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerAs we start February, we’re in the midst of potential financial challenges (Venus conjunct Pluto and square Uranus). For major new starts, wait until after the New Moon, either February 9th or 10th. By then we’ll be in a great cycle for bringing in a LOT of money!

We also have three cycles that provide helpful opportunities. One of these cycles helps you handle your responsibilities. You might be more organized, or your boss could give you some extra support. Or you may be more focused, so you can get more done. This cycle (Sun sextile Saturn) is in range January 31st – February 6th and it peaks on February 3rd.

Just as that cycle is peaking, another helpful opportunity comes into range (Sun sextile Uranus). This cycle provides energy to do something new or different. A new process, a new decision, or new leadership styles that promote more autonomy are good examples of how it can be used. This cycle is in range from February 3rd – 9th and peaks February 6th.

Together, the above two cycles can lead to support from management to take a different path, or use a new technology. If you have a new project you want to propose, consider laying the groundwork for it during this time with some written information, and then arrange to have a meeting to discuss the idea on February 10th.

The third cycle (Mars sextile Pluto) comes in range on January 27th and it also peaks on February 3rd. This cycle provides an opportunity to change our motivations and actions, so they are more in alignment with our values. It’s not as challenging as the energies we had in December. However, we may make some unexpected adjustments with this.

Keep in mind that the cycle associated with lots of physical energy (Sun square Mars) peaks February 7th and stays in range through February 18th. Get enough exercise so you can focus on utilizing these other energies well and prevent anger and irritability.

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