Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 18th

by Madeline Gerwick

punchOn August 18, the full moon lunar eclipse brings potential changes, possibly unexpected or radical in nature (Sun trine Uranus and Moon sextile Uranus). We may see changes in international relationships or with new technology. We’re also likely to get some unexpected news (Mercury conjunct Jupiter with both planets quincunx Uranus).

During this time, we’re headed toward the last peak of a cycle associated with dissolving worn-out structures. This cycle peak of Saturn square Neptune occurs on September 10th and stays in range through November 17th. Foundational or fundamental changes may be needed.

This lunar eclipse is a minor one, with a primary meaning (Saros cycle) related to becoming realistic or coming down to earth regarding an old situation. Instead of viewing a problem the way you originally perceived it, you’ll have the opportunity to see the situation for what it really is. This eclipse occurs at 25° 52' of Aquarius.

We may see the effects of dissolving structures in the stock markets including lower prices for oil and natural gas. However, some unexpected adjustments could bring some upward movement in other areas.

Mars now within 2 degrees of the position it started moving retrograde earlier this year. This means Mars will move into new territory on August 22nd for the first time since February 18th. As this occurs, your plans may come to a brief half as the Universe demands that you finalize your plans in writing or with a committed plan (Mars conjunct Saturn). This cycle can feel frustrating, but you’ll get a green light when you solidify your plan.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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