Full Moon or Fool's Moon on June 2?

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWhat’s coming to light at the Full Moon on June 2nd in Sagittarius could very well entail confusion or deception (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are all square to Neptune). If we know what direction we want to go, we may have no idea how to start. However, it’s more likely that we have no idea which direction to go in the first place. Uncertainty is rampant at this time.

It’s even possible that we’ve been recently hoodwinked and now we’re discovering this mistake (Mars square Neptune peaked on May 25th and now it’s the Full Moon). We might see this reflected in world events or it might be something more personal. In either case, this is the time to be alert for cover-ups and more deceptions as it unfolds.

Some faction of the public could be angry and wounded by what they’re discovering now (Moon opposite Mars and Mars square Chiron). There are entrenched financial issues that Congress appears to be “discussing” (Moon sesquiquadrate Venus) with some vehemence and probably some confusing “facts” or lies. Although that just sounds like "busines as usual."

The stock markets look uncertain. The numbers seem to be retreating in one sense, but as that occurs, it looks like gasoline prices will head up some. That should provide a stabilizing influence, which appears to be starting now or very soon.

If we can make two adjustments though, this stock market may make a reasonably good move upward. The two adjustments needed to do this are 1) we need to adjust our motivations (maybe less corruption?) and 2) we need to make an adjustment in the way we use our power (more for the good of all concerned than just for numero uno).

If we can make those adjustments, there are fortunate actions to be taken - or possibly retaken (Mars sextile Jupiter, but still Mercury retrograde). Plus there’s the potential for breakthroughs, which could come easily after we take those fortunate actions (Mars sextile Uranus).

Unexpected high growth is still on the way, and these new opportunities are likely to be in progress or starting right after Mercury moves forward on June 11th. They will peak on June 22nd.  You’re probably preparing for them at this time. This is the last peak of this great cycle (Jupiter trine Uranus). Make hay while the Sun shines!

Note that this Full Moon - or Fool’s Moon - is quite challenging for travel, with lots of confusion and uncertainly. This may be due to weather (heavy rain or fog), airline breakdowns, bad roads under repair, or mistakes in plans. Double check ALL details, as mistakes and confusion are more likely at this time.

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