Great Opportunities Now At Hand

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

Sun Trine Jupiter

Today, September 9, is the last day that Sun trine Jupiter is in range. This cycle is known for bringing a lot of growth, and expanding your mind in new ways. So if you can do anything to expand yourself today, I recommend you do it. You could decide to learn something new, go some place new, read a book about something you’ve never considered, or meet new people who expand your life. There are many ways to do this, but be sure you do something today to take advantage of this energy. Today is actually a very good day to start something new too. And this energy is partly why it’s such a good day to start something. So get moving! If possible, do something important today.

Mercury opposite Neptune

Next, through September 12th we are still in range of the cycle associated with mental confusion and/or deceptions. This is the cycle of Mercury opposite Neptune. If you’re feeling confused, just wait until this passes to make important decisions. In general, you cannot rely on logic to help you through this period. Intuition is the better tool. Check in with your guts or your heart, or clear your head with meditation to get the right answer. Just be sure you wait until you’re clear before you make any important decisions.

Also take extra care to track details and your possessions, as this is a cycle during which things can become lost, forgotten, or misplaced. Plus, we can easily get confused about what we’re saying or thinking, give the wrong instructions to someone, or misunderstand important details. So be sure you ask questions and confirm those details. This cycle peaked yesterday on September 8th and stays in range through September 12th.

Opportunities to Get What You Want

Next, if you know what you want, you’re in luck! We have a cycle that brings you opportunities to get what you want. This cycle, Venus sextile Mars, peaks tomorrow on September 10th – 11th and stays in range through September 14th. Of course to make this work, you must first know what you want. This cycle is also about knowing how to get what you want. With these energies, all you need to do is keep your intention in mind and let the Universe open the doors along the way. There are opportunities now, so do your best to take advantage of them. This cycle also brings opportunities for money and love. This is another reason why today, September 9 is such a good day. So go for it!

What's Coming to Light at the Full Moon?

Next, what’s coming to light at the Full Moon on Monday, September 12th are skipped steps. This is basically a situation in which we’re trying to move forward into the future too quickly before we resolve past issues. It’s these very issues which prevent us from creating the future we want. Unless we stop and address them, we’ll be forced to keep repeating these issues until we get the lesson. This shows up as the cycle of the Sun square to the Moon’s Nodes.
If you really want to move forward, stop now and address any issues that haven’t been resolved. These past issues may be related to career and/or communication issues associated with not speaking your truth. Or you may say something in such a watered down way that no one is sure of what you mean. Go back and clarify those communications. Be sure the other person clearly understands your needs.

This Full Moon also shows unexpected financial challenges related to debt. This is likely to be related to sovereign debt issues, rather than businesses or consumers. We can see this through two current cycles: Uranus square Pluto and Saturn sesquiquadrate Chiron. The unexpected financial challenges could be related to what’s happening in Europe now with debt issues. They’ve decided not to placate the markets by bailing out all the countries with too much debt by creating eurobonds. There could be some unexpected consequences to that, which MIGHT mean that the euro could take a very big nosedive. If that happens though, you should expect the same thing to happen here with the US dollar, 2-3 weeks later.

The good news with this Full Moon is that there’s a fantastic set of cycles which is great for communicating and promoting to the masses and/or important people or large organizations. This is a great time to contact large companies with major programs or proposals. This is the cycle of Mercury in a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto. This set of cycles peaks on September 11- 12th for Mercury trine Pluto and on September 14th for Mercury trine Jupiter. It comes into range today, on September 9th – 11th and stays in range through September 18th. Full Moons are always useful for getting products or services seen. So this Full Moon is an exceptional promotion time. Use it to make an important proposal to a large organization or a major decision maker.

This Full Moon also has an excellent cycle for taking action, Moon trine Mars. The combination of cycles for both Mercury and Mars makes September 12th one of the best days we have this fall for buying a car. This cycle is also useful for physical activities, promotions and just taking action to push forward on your path. So make good use of Monday, September 12th, which is the strongest day we experience this cycle.

More Changes Ahead

Now I’ve been urging you for some time to have extra supplies on hand for unexpected emergencies. The hurricane on the east coast is another reminder that unexpected earth changes can occur anywhere and at any time. We’re in a major transition, and every location can be affected. There’s a high probability of regional power outages, hurricanes, tornadoes, major fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.

This is primarily associated with the cycle of Uranus square Pluto, which is particularly strong now. This cycle is associated with EARTH CHANGES, revolutionary energies, and the disruption of our economy (so that we can rebuild a sustainable one). If you haven’t prepared yourself with extra supplies, now is an excellent time to do this. Uranus square Pluto will be exceptionally strong through March 2015 and stays in range through early May 2018.