Joan's February Update

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer

February arrives with an abundance of the air element, perfect for any work related to communication, wisdom or the power of the mind.  At the New Moon in Aquarius at 6:30 PM PST on February 2, the Sun, Moon and Mars were in mid-Aquarius in a trine with Saturn in Libra. This New Moon, ushering in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, is primed for new ideas, with the passion and energy of Mars joined with the discipline of Saturn to help carry them out! Don’t expect these new ideas to be run of the mill—Aquarius, with its emphasis on individualism and innovation, will see to it they step up and stand out!

With this kind of exciting New Moon energy in tech-savvy Aquarius, plus exuberant Jupiter in Aries, and Uranus on the brink of Aries (the fiery sign of new beginnings and warrior energy enters Aries in March), it shouldn’t surprise us that we’ve got several nations (Tunisia and Egypt) in the middle of huge anti-government uprisings and several more (Jordan and Yemen) simmering on the back burner.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon degree of Jupiter (which is exactly square the Moon’s nodes) is “a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country.” Marc Edmund Jones suggests this speaks to “both an impersonal self-dedication to broader community interests and a highly personal dramatization of the self as a focus for group actuality.” A manifestation of this is reflected in the first week of protests in Egypt. Unfortunately, by the time of the New Moon, the euphoria of the early protests in Egypt gave way to more violent clashes. How it will all turn out, we’ll have to wait and see. However, by the time of the Full Moon, Jupiter will have moved to within a degree of an exact square to Pluto, possibly signifying an increasing likelihood of even more intense conflict to come. Let’s not vote for that!  
Media reports indicated that anti-government protesters, particularly in Egypt, used Twitter and Facebook to help themselves organize (Mars in Aquarius) until the government shut down the internet. We’ll see technology remain a major tool in the revolutionary activity to come after Uranus enters Aries in March.

It is also quite interesting that there are indications that these unrests have all been triggered by the high price of food, despite the big story that the people are expressing a strong desire for freedom from oppression. We find the asteroid Ceres, associated with food and named for the Roman earth goddess of grain and the harvest, being conjunct the New Moon in Aquarius. And speaking of new ideas? We could sure use some innovation in Wall Street around the heavy speculation on commodities, and the resulting starvation of so many poor people in the world.

In the two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon in Leo on February 18 at 12:35 AM PST, there are many planets changing signs. Mercury moves into Aquarius, Venus moves into Capricorn, Chiron moves into Pisces. And four days after the Full Moon, Mars moves into Pisces. At the Full Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun hover in the final degrees of Aquarius, opposing the Moon at 29 degrees of Leo. So what does all this mean?

We find ourselves at this moment poised “on the brink” of big change. In the change from Aquarius to Pisces, we find an elemental shift from mental air to emotional water, from liberation to transcendence. The challenge here is evolution! The challenge is to change for the better. Despite the Full Moon opposition in fixed signs, it is on the brink of mutability. So an adaptation to what is required of us now reminds us to not remain stuck in old patterns. Even relationship energy is limited at the Full Moon with an exact square between Saturn and Venus, which enables us to move ahead with our own soul’s evolutionary purpose with greater focus, less distraction.

The last days of February bring us a stellium in watery Pisces and the continuing square between Jupiter and Pluto. In this interesting combination we may feel like staying “above the fray” yet find ourselves irresistibly drawn in. All planets, with the exception of Saturn, are situated within the uneasy tension of the Jupiter/Pluto square. Saturn remains an unaspected singleton, wielding its power from outside the main grouping, much like a political, military or corporate leader is isolated from the people s/he is duty-bound to serve.  

February is complex, and we are all needing to be in the world, yet also needing to take time to ourselves, regroup, and make adjustments. Use the first weeks for some objective analysis and deliberate action, the last days for looking within, yet staying awake and grounded, so that we don’t find ourselves taking impulsive unconscious actions we will later regret.


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