Fun and Responsibility as July Wraps Up

by Madeline Gerwick

punchUnexpected Money and/or Love!

Beginning July 26th, a cycle comes in range (Venus trine Uranus) that’s associated with unexpected money and/or love. Although you could also find yourself spending money you didn’t anticipate. This cycle can be great for parties, and having fun in general. In love it’s similar to going to a carnival. You go and have a great time, but then you have to return home and get back to work! Romance during this cycle could be fleeting or unstable, but is usually fun while it lasts.

This cycle peaks on July 31st and stays in range through August 5th. If you’re not planning a party during that time, you can take advantage of this cycle in business with a promotion via the internet, email, or social media. This is an excellent time to make money via radio, television, podcasting, or webinars. Enjoy this cycle!

Responsible Leadership

Beginning July 25th, right before Venus trine Uranus, a cycle associated with responsible leadership comes into range (Sun trine Saturn). This is an excellent cycle for getting a lot of work done, working with managers, or for delegating responsibilities so that work can get accomplished on time.

During this cycle, leaders have the potential to become more practical and organized. And they can also see the big picture enough to motivate and coach others. If you have a significant project to accomplish, this is a good time to get it done. This cycle peaks on August 1st and stays in range through August 8th.

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