June 2011 Eclipses and Opportunities

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerAt the start of this June we’re in a cycle that’s associated with not seeing something clearly. This is the cycle of Mercury conjunct Sun and it’s due to the fact that Mercury cannot be seen when it’s too close to the Sun. However, when this cycle peaks on Sunday June 12th we get several hours of perfect clarity. This occurs between 11:32 AM – 10:10 PM PST June 13th. This period feels like being in the eye of a hurricane, the one place of calm. After that period of clarity, this cycle continues to present challenges to seeing clearly until it’s out of range on June 19th.

Wait to make important decisions during this period, unless you make them on June 12th. Also, if you have my Good Timing Guide, you'll notice that June 12th has an Orange Final Result, which indicates that deals or situations that are expected to come together are likely to later fall apart. Pay attention on June 12 if you’re about to make a deal.

On Wednesday June 15th, we’ll see the second of three eclipses, which will be a total Lunar Eclipse. However it occurs during the afternoon on our side of the planet, so we won’t get to see it. This eclipse has the same primary meaning as the one we had on June 1st. It is related to growth and expansion, but it comes with loss, separation, aggravation or inihibition.

The secondary meaning of this June 15 eclipse is related to protection while practicing. You might feel like you’re in the throes of a real situation, but you’re really in training. Continuing to practice and pay attention now leads to greater abilities in the future, when you’ll need them for a more demanding and tougher situation. A negative response to this energy is shallow or spoiled behavior.
It’s very unusual to have two eclipse charts be so similar as the June 1 and June 15th eclipse charts are. The hidden structural changes we had on June 1st are still there and they impact the industries of the internet, communications and broadcasting industries, schools, roads and bridges, data transmission (such as with Merchant card processing), and/or the banks.
In addition, the stock markets appear to be undergoing more unexpected changes. But this time those hidden financial situations are coming to light and being seen. It appears that an accountant or good bookkeeper is going through the books with a fine-tooth comb and making corrections as shown by the cycle of Venus trine Saturn. Perhaps we’ll get an accurate accounting of the situation as it’s revealed?  
Some stocks appear to be gaining via inflation at that time. However, keep in mind that stocks have lost over 80% of their value in the past 10 years compared to the value of gold. Gold has increased by over five times during the same 10-year period. The bond markets look like they’re doing quite a lot better at that time than stocks.
Now how can you know if you or your business will be impacted by an eclipse? The June 15th Total Lunar Eclipse occurs at 24 degrees and 23 minutes in the sign of Sagittarius. So if you have planets or personal points between 20 –  28 degrees of either Gemini or Sagittarius, then you or your company will be impacted by this eclipse.
This past week we’ve been in a period of confusion related to money and relationships. That can also include the potential for deception related to money and relationships. That cycle of Venus square Neptune peaked early Friday June 10, and it stays in range through Wednesday, June 15th. This is a good time to avoid investing, since you could make poor investment choices during this period and lose money. You could also be conned in a romance, so be careful! Pay attention to your intuition.
However, beginning Sunday, June 12th, we start to come out of confusion related to money and relationships with a better cycle. This could suggest that you’re getting a better handle on financial issues. Or you and another person may start to get on the same page related to a deal. In either case, the situation improves through June 17th, when this cycle of Venus trine Saturn peaks. This cycle is excellent for signing contracts, because it indicates that both parties understand their responsibilities to each other and have a good working relationship.
If you must sign a contract during June, then June 17th is the only good day we have for signing a contract. However, you should note that signing contracts within one week of an eclipse is questionable. Since this eclipse has aggravation, loss or separation associated with growth, those energies will still impact your contract. Be prepared for that possibility if you use the June 17 date. However there is no better date to sign a contract in June.
Next, we’re currently in a cycle that’s associated with inflation and higher interest rates. We already know this is happening if we eat food or buy gas! This is the cycle of Jupiter sextile Neptune. This cycle also provides opportunities for envisioning the future, which is pretty important right now. I believe that’s because we’re creating our thoughts so quickly now. I encourage you to make a vision board now or take time to write out and complete the sentence, “If I had it my way, I would…” Both are powerful tools for gaining clarity about what you would like in your life or business now. This cycle stays in range through June 23rd. Make good use of it.

At the same time, we also have a cycle that’s associated with very large growth. This is the cycle of Jupiter trine Pluto. For businesses, this can mean either gaining very large and powerful clients or gaining access to the masses. This cycle is particularly good for working with very large business clients. Jupiter trine Pluto stays in range a very long time through April 14, 2012. On a more personal note, if this impacts you, you could gain in power or status. You could also gain an inner knowing of what’s true or not true. Anyone can make good use of this cycle by starting important projects during this time. This cycle is relatively uncommon. The last time we had it was in late October 2002. The next time we’ll get it is in late June 2016. So make good use of it!

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