June 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerJune entered the stage with an emotional water trine in the chart. The Moon was in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer, and Chiron in Pisces. In contrast to the water trine was the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Mars, all in mental Mercury-ruled Gemini! These two formations speak loudly about what much of the month of June is about. It’s about balancing; it’s about bringing into harmony our mental, emotional and intuitive functions, not going all out one way or another, but finding a middle path.

The very second day of the month, at 9:18 AM PDT, gave us a Full Moon at 11 degrees 49 minutes Sagittarius! The opposing Sun in Gemini was bolstered by pals Mars and retrograde Mercury. Neptune in Pisces squared both ends of the opposition. Meanwhile, the Moon was in a fire grand trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Yes, a lot to balance. The fire of spirit and intuition, the mental quality of air, and the water of emotions, all searching for expression during this Full Moon, with little of the earth element to ground our efforts.

We’ll find this elemental quality for much of the month, with a critical need to find ways to ground ourselves, get into our bodies, breathe, and calm ourselves. It may feel like there’s too much swirling around us, too many ideas, and too much activity that doesn’t make “sense.” We may want to rush out and change things, get frustrated with ourselves for an inability to decipher reality, just run away and hide from it altogether, or some of each.

The important thing is to find a way to silence the noise, the noise of the outside world, and the noise of the mind. Whether that is to meditate, do yoga, journal, walk in the quiet of the dawn, or listen quietly to your cat’s purr, do take the time for yourself.

Venus was in the late degrees of Cancer when the month began, and entered Leo at 8:33 AM PDT on June 5. It was exactly trine Saturn in Sagittarius at the time. Venus in Leo puts our love nature on display, and ready for play. The Saturn in Sagittarius could easily facilitate the party plans, but reminds Venus to be sure the work is completed first! Meanwhile, the Gemini planets were already dressed and ready to go! Hope your weekend was fun.

Monday, June 8, the Sun and Mars, conjunct in Gemini, are sextile Jupiter in Leo. The Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. The energy to get moving ahead on inspirational ideas is strong, and our emotions remind us that truly inspirational ideas must manifest for the common good. However, Mercury, still retrograde, is slowing, and opposed to Saturn. That fact tells me there may still be snags in the process, and a need to wait until all systems are communicating smoothly before proceeding to takeoff. That is likely to happen when Mercury goes direct.

Mercury stations direct on June 11 at 3:33 PM PDT at 4 degrees 34 minutes Gemini. It is square Neptune, opposed Saturn and sextile Venus. At the time the Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, and trine to Jupiter in Leo. Projects that have been in the works may take off from the 11th, but may not get to full speed until Mercury gets out of its shadow period on June 26. Details, details, details. Mercury in Gemini wants to collect more information, more data, and refine the input. The Sun and Mars in Gemini are square Chiron, and would prefer not to make old mistakes like those that still haunt them. Jupiter and Uranus want to make progress and impress anyone paying attention! Crazy-making? You bet. Don’t be surprised by some chaos that week.

After six months in Sagittarius, retrograde Saturn slips back into Scorpio at 5:36 PM PDT on June 14 for a 3-month return. Some emotional letting go from last year not yet complete, perhaps? Or another lesson to learn from planets or angles at 28 or 29 degrees Scorpio? If the two plus years Saturn was previously in Scorpio (October 5, 2012 until December 23, 2014) were particularly difficult for you, this final dip back into the swamp may feel like a cruel joke. But make no mistake. Saturn’s summer transit back into this very serious sign of the issues of sex, death, intimacy and power could truly be your best friend.

Saturn will not transit Scorpio again for another 29 years. Scorpio demands honesty, it requires facing your fears, and making clean breaks when required. If there is an issue of healing or letting go that you did not complete during this recent transit period, then take a good, close look at it in the next few months. You may find yourself being grateful for this second chance, and the load you carry forward considerably lightened.

We have a New Moon in Gemini on June 16 at 7:04 AM PDT, with Mars closely conjunct the Sun and Moon. Another powerful rush of Gemini energy while Jupiter In Leo and Uranus in Aries remain trine in the fire element. All of this air and fire energy, including Venus in Leo, may have most of us believing, at least temporarily, that we have suddenly become extroverts, even if that is far from the truth, generally speaking!

With all the personal planets, plus Sun and Moon, in air or fire, at the New Moon, we are set upon a busy, outwardly directed path for the remainder of the month. Events, activities, meetings, seemingly unending pressures and demands, can scatter our energy and make us feel we could easily unravel. When that occurs, we must recognize that it is time to bring back balance. All of the outer directed energy requires some focused, actually scheduled, inner directed time. We need quiet, nature, relaxation, meditation, and good healthy food in a slow unstressed atmosphere.

On June 19-21, the Moon will join Venus and Jupiter in Leo, emphasizing and energizing the playful child in all of us, that part of us that loves and needs love from friends and family, the generous heart that recognizes the contributions of others and yet needs so badly to be recognized as well. Luckily it’s a weekend, AND the Summer Solstice! On Sunday, June 21, the Sun enters Cancer at 9:38 AM PDT, to begin the season of summer. We’ll have maximum daylight for all our favorite outdoor activities.

On June 22, the Moon in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, and give emphasis to a square between Mercury and Neptune that has been building since Mercury stationed direct and will remain until the last two days of the month. We come out of our weekend high and find that it is more difficult to focus our thoughts. We may feel a bit fuzzyheaded, and get frustrated at our tendency to daydream. We may get teary-eyed at a story we’re told, or feel compassion toward co-workers that have previously annoyed us. What’s happening? The sea of Neptune consciousness is leaking into our rational minds. And that can offer us a totally different perspective, one that can carry us to a deeper heart space, raise the level of our imaginations, and remind us that whether we acknowledge it most of the time or not, invisible realms of reality are with us always.

Take advantage of these times for the assistance that is possible through dream-states. We can gain greater understanding of our waking life by paying attention to our dreams. Conscious attention to Neptunian energies make it less likely that you will be drawn to the downside of Neptune, such as states of illusion, deception, and confusion.

Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter grow closer and closer in Leo until reaching an exact conjunction on June 30 at 21 degrees. Uranus continues to nurture their relationship with a trine aspect Aries. And on the 30th, the Moon in Sagittarius forms a fiery grand trine with all three planets. Thus the month ends on a wave of spirited enthusiasm, encouraging us to be optimistic about the future, despite the low points, the sadness, or depression we’ve experienced in recent days.

On June 24, Mars joins the Sun in Cancer, and the two remain conjunct, as they have been the entire month. There is fierceness in a Sun/Mars conjunction, a boldness that, in Cancer, wants to protect all that represents security. It may be home, family, beliefs, one’s way of doing things. This can be very positive when it is Mama Bear protecting her young from predators, but it can get rather annoying when it becomes too controlling or overbearing. So take care that in your end-of-the-month enthusiasm you don’t overdo “my way is the only way.”

 See you next month!


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