Jupiter in Cancer (Part 1)

Dena DeCastro Astrologer

Jupiter in Cancer (Part 1)

by Dena DeCastro

Ever since Jupiter entered Cancer, I began to actively attempt to connect with his energy. I did a small ritual "welcoming" him into my sun sign; I asked for guidance, protection, and support in my endeavors. I realize this may sound kind of nutty to some people. But I'm an astrologer, so talking to the planets is what I do. Literally

Jupiter stormJupiter responded just a few days later through a comical synchronicity. I had just entered the gym and was trying to choose a treadmill where I could look out the window. I happened to look up at one of the TV screens, and there appeared an image of the planet Jupiter. The closed-captioning below it read: "JUPITER IS NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE." The documentary, on the Sci channel, then went on to describe how Jupiter protects the Earth from all kinds of harm, as it draws toward it asteroids and other space debris floating into our solar system. It takes the hit for us, basically. And Jupiter can take it, because he is HUGE. I got to watch the rest of the documentary while I walked the treadmill, which seemed to me a little gift from His Bigness.

Jupiter's entry into Cancer is a momentous event, as it only enters the same sign roughly every 12 years. It takes about a year to travel through one sign, and it will be in Cancer through July 2014. Jupiter's last visit to Cancer was July 12, 2001 - August 1, 2002. Transiting Jupiter tells us where we are being asked to expand into new territory, and calls us to adventure. When Jupiter touches our lives, we are invited to take leaps of faith, boldly going where we have not gone before. In order to encourage us, Jupiter often bestow us with gifts, assistance, and guidance. He offers an optimistic take on our problems, an overview of the situation. He pulls us out of the mire of details and worry, if we are willing to open our hand, trust him, and accept the help.

Jupiter + Cancer

In last month's newsletter, I spent some time meditating on the sign of Cancer, where much activity is taking place. Jupiter in Cancer speaks of a year in which the themes of Cancer are put in the spotlight. Jupiter tends to magnify what it touches, and can improve those areas as well. Cancer rules the home, family (both blood and chosen), and our deep emotional ties. Jupiter's presence here speaks to the potential for improvement in our physical homes, as well as in our home life. We may benefit from expanding our family network, inviting people into our home or even moving to be closer to those we care about. Jupiter in Cancer also opens the space to undertake the repair of any damaged family relationships. Furthermore, we can connect more easily to our own emotional life, recognizing where we need to attend to self-care. This summer is a great time to focus on improving our emotional connections with home, family, friends, but also for attending to our own deepest needs.

As I mentioned in last month's article, we have a strong focus of planets already in or moving into Cancer around the time of Jupiter's ingress. There are several things at play as Jupiter moves through this sign, as it will make aspects to nearly every planet in its year-long trek through the sign. The first major aspect pattern is called a Grand Trine, forming in July-August.

The Grand Trine: Surrender, Grace, and Trust

Jupiter will be part of a Grand Trine in the water signs from the beginning of July through late August. A Grand Trine is a formation in which at least 3 planets sit on one of each of the points of a triangle, each 120 degrees from the other. Jupiter is anchoring one of the legs of the triangle from early Cancer, with Saturn in early Scorpio and Neptune in early Pisces. This formation peaks on July 17th, and is also ignited by Mars passing through the early degrees of Cancer, joining Jupiter there in the second half of July through mid-August.

Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio have been in an ongoing trine intermittently since Saturn entered Scorpio in the fall of 2012. This trine has been calling us to be fully engaged with our emotions, and to pay attention to what our fears, tears, or anger might be trying to tell us. We may have felt overwhelmed by emotion during these past few months, whether it be in response to something personal to us, or to a story on the news that went straight to the core. As Jupiter now forms the third point of this formation, Jupiter brings in the ability to take leaps of faith with more ease and grace. If you have been feeling called to give of your time and energy in service to a cause that is close to your heart, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer may point the way toward action. Or, you may be invited to expand in some area of your life, and this summer is the perfect time to bring the vision (Neptune) into manifestation (Saturn) with a little good luck (Jupiter) to ease your way. Be open to the opportunities that show up, even if they do not look exactly as you may have anticipated.

I would invite you to do your own Jupiter ritual. Where do you need a boost toward taking a leap of faith? In what areas of life would you like to explore new territory? Where do you need some plain old good luck? It can't hurt to ask…

Once Jupiter leaves the Grand Trine, it will go on to engage with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-2015. I'll write more about that in August's newsletter (Jupiter in Cancer: Part 2), as that aspect is sure to produce some bold and noticeable effects. Stay tuned!

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