Full Moon Eclipse on September 16th

by Madeline Gerwick

September Eclipse 2016What’s coming to light at this Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) on September 16th is a tremendous amount of anger, both from leaders and the citizens. Enraged is probably the more appropriate word for how both leaders and the people feel. This results in a lot of wounding. It’s one thing for that to occur between the two political parties. It’s another for it to occur with friends, family and colleagues at work. Be careful with words!

This Full Moon eclipse has another set of cycles associated with spending money unexpectedly (Venus opposite Uranus). It can also be associated with unexpected relationship issues. Fortunately, there’s some help for both possibilities, and this is probably help from a guy (Venus sextile Mars). The spending cycle is in range September 12th – 22nd. It peaks September 18th.

The helpful cycle that can create an easy solution (Venus sextile Mars) is in range September 14th – 24. It peaks September 19th. This cycle can also suggest that it’s easy to get what you want, including fixing any relationship issues.

These cycles also impact the stock and bond markets during this period. There are likely to be some surprises that shock investors, and if so, there are some ways to help recover the losses that are likely to ensue.

The Sept. 16 eclipse has the same primary meaning as the Solar eclipse on September 1st. It’s related to becoming realistic about an old situation. Instead of seeing it the way it was originally perceived, a person impacted by this eclipse will see the situation for what it really is. It’s an excellent time to have a shift in perception and to tackle the truth.

This eclipse may have a particularly strong meaning if Putin releases the “unequivocal proof that Bush and Cheney were in on the planning of 9/11”, as Rumor Control has said he plans to do. We’ll see if there is any other shocking news that comes to light, about which we may change our minds.

Keep in mind that all eclipses can have “eclipse events” up to 30 days prior to the eclipse and as late as 30 days after it occurs. So if Putin releases that information on September 11th, it would definitely be considered an eclipse event. Other situations are likely to be reconsidered in a different light as well. Certainly that information could impact the Election.

This eclipse occurs at 24 degrees and 20 minutes of Pisces. If you have a planet or personal point between 21 – 27.5 degrees of Pisces or Virgo, you’ll be impacted by it.

The secondary meaning of this eclipse is related to the need to re-examine religious, moral and spiritual honesty. At times (and this may be one of them) it’s easy to lose sight of our ideals or to rationalize one’s ego or intellect. This is the time to cleanse and purify your motives, leading to a better sense of your spiritual values and how you can best live them.

When used positively, you eliminate people or ideals that hold you back from achieving your spiritual goals. When used negatively, there may be a battle over who’s in charge of your spiritual needs and direction.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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