March Snapshot: Full Moon in Virgo and Volatile Energies

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerTwo completely different paths are highlighted at the Full Moon in Virgo on March 5th. The positive path is marked by opportunities to take fortunate actions which yield unexpected growth and money (Mars, Uranus and Venus conjunct and all trine to Jupiter). The challenging path is marked by debt issues and explosive, volatile energies.

At the same time, the long-term revolutionary energies we had for the last few years (Uranus square Pluto) peak in another 11 days, so they’re quite intense throughout March.

This month, there’s also an intense push to transform our past motivations (Mars square Pluto). When we transform our motivations, we change the actions we take, which are always based on our motivations. Often these energies bring up intense anger, rage, and the potential for accidents if we're not careful.

These energies (both the positive and challenging paths) are very strong in New York city. This could suggest that either Wall Street or New York city is the focus of some intense changes. New York, and the areas around it, could experience intense weather, power outages, or earth changes. If you live in this area, make sure you're as prepared as you can be for the unexpected.

The stock markets look very volatile now. Oil looks like it’s still dropping in price (Saturn square Neptune) and interest rates should remain low. Congress looks like it’s having quite a budget battle, but conflicts could be alleviated by unexpected money.

Some leaders are using their power well at this time (Sun sextile Pluto) and they may also be healing from a past trauma or a more recent health issue (Sun conjunct Chiron). President Obama appears to be reaching out to some very powerful foreign leaders. Whatever the source of the volatility, our leaders are trying to mediate it.

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