March 2016 Eclipse Cycles and Opportunities

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerAs we start March, we’re in range of an eclipse cycle which begins March 8th. Eclipse events can occur up to 30 days prior to the day of the eclipse or up to 30 days after it occurs.

Our first eclipse on March 8th is a total, Solar Eclipse. It occurs at 8:56 PM Eastern time / 5:56 PM Pacific time. The west coast might get a glimpse of this eclipse, but it’s primarily visible in Indonesia, and from China to Australia. Alaska has a good chance of seeing at least some of it.

The primary meaning of this series of eclipses (March 8th and 23rd) has to do with endings or separations. This can mean everything from minor separations, such as someone leaving on a long trip, to major separations, such as divorce or even a loss. Since it’s a total eclipse, major separations can occur if your chart or business chart is impacted by this.

This eclipse occurs at 18 degrees Pisces 56 minutes. If you have a planet or personal point between 15 – 23 Pisces or 15 – 23 Virgo, then this eclipse may impact you.

Remember, not all endings are bad. And there is always higher ground. The secondary meaning for this Solar Eclipse is related to the transferring of higher wisdom or knowledge. You may be the teacher or the student. It’s a good idea to listen to your higher wisdom too.

This eclipse features the sense that there’s growth potential. However, it’s hard to tell if it is a promise of real gold or fool’s gold (Sun and Moon opposite Jupiter). Plus if it is real gold, it could take a LOT of work to get it (Sun and Moon square Saturn). Bottom line? It may not be as good as it might look at first. Be patient until you do more research.

While we’re in this expansion mode (Sun opposite Jupiter) we can tend to over-expand and not get a good return. If you plan to use a new promotional method this month, start with a small amount of it and see how well it works. Expand incrementally instead of all at once. This cycle peaks on March 8th and is in range from March 2nd through March 13th.

However, with all that said, there really is a big opportunity available (Jupiter trine Pluto, Sun and Moon sextile Pluto). Jupiter trine Pluto peaks March 16th and is in range January 23rd – August 3rd. It peaks for the last time in June. In order to get it to work though, you must put together the right team.

Someone powerful is needed; perhaps a financial backer (Pluto)? Someone with a practical vision is also needed (Jupiter), and that person must connect well with the power person. The leader needs a good connection to the power person too. A determined and hard-working leader can assist, but watch out for too much ambition, which can throw a monkey wrench into it.

There’s also confusion, especially if you use logic for making decisions (Mercury conjunct Neptune and square Mars). It’s best to use your intuition. What did you dream last night? What message do you keep hearing or seeing? What thought keeps returning? Listen in, and then take action. This cycle peaks on March 10th and stays in range through March 14th.

Perhaps the hardest part of this eclipse is that we know what we want, but we don’t know how to get it (Venus square Mars). This seems hard because we’ve been trained to have a detailed plan and at the moment, we don’t have a clue.

However, a detailed plan is not needed to get started. Just be clear on your intention, and keep that in your mind. Ask the Universe to send you the right solutions. Forget about having to know all the steps and let the Universe lead you down the path. Open to possibilities you haven’t considered. Maybe it’s a bigger idea or vision that’s trying to be born? This cycle peaks on March 14th and stays in range through March 21st.

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