Money Challenges in March 2016

by Madeline Gerwick

money problemsBeginning March 14th the first of three cycles comes in range that’s associated with money. You may find that you've overspent, or you may feel like there is not enough money. The first cycle (Venus conjunct Neptune) is related to money seeming to just disappear. Maybe you forgot you spent the money, incorrectly accounted for it, or perhaps some clerical or techincal error led to money being lost or not properly accounted for.

This cycle peaks on March 20th and stays in range through March 25th. You’ll need to pay close attention to your finances during this period in order to get through the next two cycles with your finances intact. Keep in mind that there are also some beautiful gifts associated with this cycle in terms of highly spirtitual love and romantic idealism.

But getting back to finances... The second and third cycles come into range on March 20th, just as the first cycle peaks. These cycles (Venus square Saturn and Venus opposite Jupiter) are associated with the desire to spend more than you have when there just isn’t enough money. When combined with the first cycle, you might be inclined to overspend because you have forgetten what you spent previously, and then you spend it again, spending more than you have!

If you're not overspending, you may just feel blocked about getting what you want. Or you may find that your dreams of spending aren't matched by the reality of your bank account.

Another way these cycles can unfold is that you may encounter some big expenses that you didn’t plan for. Or perhaps you think you have the money set aside for them, but discover it isn’t there. This can leave you feeling suddenly cash poor when the bills come due.

One of these cycles can also indicate challenges in relationships, personal or business. It’s possible that those relationship challenges will also include money, so be sure you keep your financial agreements to prevent issues from arising. These two cycles both peak on March 25th, and they’re both in range through March 30th.

Economic Challenges

On March 23rd we have the first peak of a cycle associated with economic challenges (Jupiter square Saturn). This is a major cycle that’s related to little or no growth. In addition, the phase of this cycle (3rd quarter) suggests an economy that is letting go of what’s not working and saving the best for the new economy, which will begin again in December 2020.

This cycle is also further challenged by two more cycles associated with inflation and deflation. Yes – at the same time! In a nutshell my assessment is that the economy is stymied. Growth is hard to come by. The Fed may want to continue raising interest rates, but oil and natural gas prices are still tanking. Essentially the economy is in a holding pattern.

Notice that this cycle peaks just a month prior to the Mars retrograde cycle that will last from April 17th – June 29th. Mars retrograde is optimally utilized to prepare our new two-year strategic plans for our businesses and our personal lives. Typically, business activity slows down during this cycle, so you will have time to do this preparatory work for the next period.

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThe last peak of the Jupiter square Saturn cycle will be on May 26th and it stays in range through July 6th. It’s in range for the entire Mars retrograde, suggesting this entire period will be slow for business. This cycle came into range on February 8th, but it didn't get really strong until late February.

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