Time for Strategic Planning - Mars Retrograde

by Madeline Gerwick

punchMars is retrograde from April 17th through June 29th, 2016. This is our signal from the universe to do our personal and business strategic planning for the next two years. To get started, you don’t need to know every step you will take, but you do need to decide your direction and intention.

If you’re clear about your direction then the universe can show you the way to get there. It’s a good idea to identify your first steps, but you really don’t need to know the all of the steps to get to your intention, since the universe will reveal them as you walk your path. To do that you need to trust yourself and the universe.

This period (April 17 – June 29) is notorious for wars and anger coming out from “under the rug.” There’s a tendency for screaming matches to ensue, especially in areas where someone has been frustrated for a long time.

If you’ve been the one frustrating the efforts of others, a backlash is likely. If you’re frustrated by a situation, before responding get to know the principles in the book, Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. His web site is www.cnvc.org. The NVC techniques will get you good results. There’s no way to suppress anger now, so be prepared to deal with it.

Remember this is NOT the best time for new starts. While this cycle may seem very inconvenient, it’s here to help you. At this point in time you really don’t have a clear vision of where you’re headed for the next two years or how to get there. Used well, this cycle will allow you to make good progress over the next two years. Used poorly, you’ll accomplish little.

At the time Mars went retrograde on April 17th, there was also a cycle associated with scattering your energies, low energy (even being exhausted), usually due to depleted adrenals, or deceptive actions. Be alert for this. If you’re feeling tired, get extra sleep and start taking immune system boosters. If you’re at all suspicious of something, don’t do it!

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThat cycle will is in range from March 15th to May 15th. It comes back in range on August 13th, peaks on August 25th and stays in range through September 6th. So get extra rest and be careful what and whom you trust.

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