Transformation and Revolution with Mars Uranus and Pluto

by Madeline Gerwick

angry womanTransforming and Revolutionizing Our Motivations and Actions

Along with the good communication cycles that began February 12th, we have a challenging set of cycles starting that day, which transform and revolutionize our motivations and actions. This set of cycles (Mars square Pluto and Mars conjunct Uranus) can be volatile. This isn’t the time to do physically risky activities. This cycle is also associated with rage, radical activities, major earth changes, severe weather, and explosions. Use caution and be flexible with sudden shifts or changes.

The best use of these energies is to have a breakthrough which changes your motivations and actions permanently. Stop repeating your normal behaviors and do something completely different, so you get a different response.

This might be related to how you deal with authority, fear, or structures that you continue to encounter as obstacles. In actuality, our obstacles are our own energies coming back to us in some way, usually via other people. They do this to get our attention, so we can change a particular response that no longer serves us.

When we’re in our 20s or 30s we don’t play with the toys that we had when we were 5 or 10 years old. Yet we may have developed responses back then that are no longer appropriate for who we are now. Sometimes these responses stay with us long past their appropriate time, and even in our 40s, 50s, or 60s we may still use them. The Mars-Pluto and Mars-Uranus cycles can shine light on these dysfunctional patterns and allow us to break through them and leave them behind permanently.

It’s common for anger and rage to come to the surface with these cycles. If that occurs, you’re being given an opportunity to make a different choice from your typical actions and reactions. STOP before you react and consider what action you want the other person to take in response to yours. Get the book, Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, so you can learn more effective ways to deal with anger and get the response you want from the other person.

These cycles peak on February 22nd (Mars square Pluto) and on February 26th (Mars conjunct Uranus), the day of the Solar Eclipse. So there’s a lucky aspect to making the change. Perhaps you break through your fear to accept a major opportunity, one of those “too good to be true” situations that really is true. Or perhaps after you make that change, the right person shows up to be your partner? These cycles stay in range through March 3rd (Mars square Pluto) and March 8th (Mars conjunct Uranus).

At the end of this month we have a third cycle associated with trying to do too much with too little time, money, or energy, while trying to take fortunate actions (Mars opposite Jupiter). Perhaps your breakthrough will be to stop trying to over-expand and, instead, focus on completing one project at a time. Then move to the next one. This cycle peaks on February 27th and stays in range through March 7th.

Looking ahead - Venus goes retrograde on March 4th, when we’ll all be rethinking our relationships, values, and money over a two month period. If you explode with these February energies, instead of having a breakthrough, then you or your partner may reconsider your relationship during the Venus retrograde which follows these cycles.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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