May 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWe were all awaiting the month of May! Not only were we exhausted by the demands of previous months of upheaval and drama, we were also longing for the beauty of spring blooms, green leaves, and warm weather! However, when May dawned, there was little rest. The Moon in Libra was conjunct the North Node, and later in the day opposed Uranus and squared Pluto, just as a reminder that though the Uranus/Pluto square was waning, it was, in fact, still with us. That internal push for change was still active, and not to be silenced.

Just three days into the month, we had a very powerful Full Moon in Scorpio. At the time, 8:42 PM PDT on May 3, both the Sun and Moon were exactly square to Jupiter in Leo. We either dove into our Scorpion emotional depths, or we stubbornly resisted. The Saturn/Mercury opposition at the time of the Full Moon was a powerful mental component, occupying the mind with oftentimes-unhealthy information, like fears of our unworthiness, or just unnecessary trivia, when the big important emotional component was being ignored or denied. Neptune was widely squaring both Mercury and Saturn, and the influence could have added either a spiritual or a fantasy component.

The effects of the Full Moon lingered into May 4, and it was difficult to shake ourselves out of the emotional hangover. Meanwhile, the Sun’s trine to Pluto moved closer to exact, and the need to clarify our transformation and bring it to earthly manifestation was made a bit easier. “Yes, I want to move forward. I’m still afraid, but maybe I can take the first step.”

In the early days of May, Mercury was waxing toward a square with Neptune, which gets to exact on May 9. When Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini, it is interested in fact-finding, and sharing rational, logical information. A Neptune connection can be a bit irritating because there is a tendency to lose your train of thought, be less rational, or drift off into fantasy. In more seriously irrational moments, a person might concoct one’s own version of truth, based on imagination and/or psychological difficulties. As an example, when this aspect first began, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was ordering the Texas State Guard to monitor a Navy SEAL/Green Beret joint exercise, which was taking place in Texas and several other states. He did this because he, influenced by some other folks there, decided that the training exercise was not really happening, despite the fact that Texas has been used for military training exercises for decades. He decided it was just a cover for President Obama to use Special Forces to “take over” Texas and put it under martial law. Definitely, a Mercury/Neptune moment.

Another important Mercury happening the first week of May: on May 4, Mercury, which will enter a retrograde period on May 18, began its shadow period at 4 degrees of its own sign of Gemini. That is the degree to which it will return when it stations direct again on June 11.

By May 5, the Moon moved into Sagittarius, lifted us a bit out of the gloom, but didn’t yet send us to fits of joy, as it conjoined Saturn, and squared Neptune. On May 6, spirits began to rise, and the world looked a little brighter. The Moon in Sagittarius formed a fiery grand trine with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. Levels of energy rose. Tasks that we’d been putting aside for another time could be completed.

At 4:00 PM PDT on May 7, Venus moved from Gemini into Cancer, where it remains for the rest of the month. At the time, the Moon, ruler of Cancer, had just moved into Capricorn, thus was in opposition to Venus. Venus in Cancer can be very solicitous of others, or, if in a challenging mood, in great need of assurance and security. See where it falls in your own chart to check the house issues that might challenge your own capacity for feeling nurtured and cared for, and helping others do the same.

The planet Mars stayed mostly below the radar in early May in the sign Taurus. It stayed about 10 degrees ahead of the Sun. They strengthened each other with Taurus energy, but Mars was not really conjunct the Sun, so it was basically unaspected. However, as Mars moves to the final degrees of the sign, it begins to oppose Saturn in early Sagittarius. Mars moves into Gemini at 7:41 PM PDT on May 11. The opposition with Saturn is quite strong then, and remains in effect until about May 22.

With these two headstrong planets opposing one another, in signs that don’t really lend themselves to patience, this period could bring moments of frustration, or discouragement that you are not accomplishing what you want or in the time frame that was planned. Let me encourage you to have some patience, not only with yourself, but also with others around you who may be experiencing the same issues. Saturn may, in fact, be helping you to resist a rash action that should be revisited for amendment, or delayed for a more opportune time. Rather than engage in conflict, back off, slow down, and leave it for another day when you can perhaps see things more clearly.

From May 11 through May 19, Venus in Cancer will be trine Neptune in Pisces. This would be an ideal time to indulge your creative urges. Play music, sing, dance, paint, write! Go to a concert, attend an art opening, see a play! Your capacity for appreciating beauty will be highlighted. Between May 16 and May 25, Venus will be opposed Pluto. During this time feelings in relationships may be intense, and insecurity can wear the mask of power. The desire to control or manipulate another for the valued outcome could be tempting. Try to stay grounded in who you know your best self to be, so that you will be neither the manipulator nor the victim.

On May 17, at 9:13 PM PDT, we have a New Moon in Taurus at 26 degrees. This New Moon is not in strong aspect to any other planets. However, it is weakly opposed to Saturn, and conjunct to Mars. They are both out of sign and some degrees away from exact. The sign ruler of Taurus, Venus, is opposed to Pluto and trine to Neptune. Those feel like the important aspects here. They speak to looking at the Taurus from the perspective of what we value, respecting our resources and being willing to make changes where they are needed. Every New Moon is a new beginning, and on this one, it behooves us to evaluate how we are utilizing our resources to maximize their value, and thus their sustainability. This could be anything from our material assets, to our personal skill sets, to the natural resources in our environment, to our spiritual development potential. And we need, in a relaxed, Taurean way, to take a look at what we value, see what needs an upgrade, and make a plan to do what is needed in a step-by-step manner.

This particular New Moon beginning is NOT the onset of an entirely new project, but an evaluation of current resources. I emphasize this because the Moon cycle starts on the day before Mercury goes retrograde, and a retrograde Mercury period is not the best time for starting entirely new projects, but it is an excellent time to evaluate and re-think (Gemini Mercury) what we value (Taurus Moon cycle).

Mercury stations retrograde at 6:50 PM PDT on May 18 at 13 degrees Gemini. It will station direct on June 11 at 4 degrees Gemini, and be released from its shadow on June 27 at 13 degrees Gemini. Particularly because the sign is Gemini for the entire retrograde period, there is a higher likelihood for communication miscues, computer glitches, and data foul-ups. So take your precautions, but keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The Sun moves into Gemini at 1:45 AM PDT on May 21, joining Mars and retrograde Mercury in Mercury’s sign. The Sun opposes Saturn in Sagittarius and remains in that aspect through the end of the month. This aspect encourages looking at the big picture as well as the details, or, the figurative possibilities as well as the literal data, before moving forward.

Meanwhile, Mars is square to Neptune, as well as opposed to Saturn. Unless you have developed positive relationships to the Saturn and Neptune archetypes, these aspects with Mars can feel like total ineffectiveness! But when you can appreciate slowing down and proceeding carefully with Saturn, and when you can appreciate the imaginative and artistic qualities of Neptune, these aspects can be effective supports to taking action and moving ahead in positive ways. Mars’ opposition with Saturn wanes as the square with Neptune waxes. By May 25, the opposition ends and the square is exact.

Also by May 25, all three planets in Gemini, the Sun and Mars and retrograde Mercury, are conjunct. They are also all three square to Neptune. This is a strong Neptunian influence for the remainder of the month. On the 26th, the Moon in Virgo joins this Mercury rulership (Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo) party for the day, squaring the planets in Gemini and opposing Neptune. This could be a good day to release some of the mutable mental energy via the body, by going on a hike or a bike ride in the open air.

Neptune is the planet of connection, not only connecting to divine or universal energy, but also having the experience of one’s connection to the whole, or all that is. There are times when a sudden increase of Neptunian energy can be disconcerting, making it more difficult to focus and stay on track. It can encourage us to see what isn’t really there, get infatuated about an idea or person in the moment that we later realize was illusion. We can easily become victims of deceit.

Knowing ahead of time that we are coming into a time of Neptune influence, however, can allow us to utilize those energies in positive ways. During these last days of May, be cautious about the “sales pitch.” Take time to ask for inner guidance on issues about which you are confused. Give yourself a break from total dedication to the task, and allow for some daydreaming moments, poetry, music, and awe.

See you next month!

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