May 2017 Economic High

by Madeline Gerwick

woman holding piggy bankAs we start May, Venus is now moving forward after the retrograde period and she will get into new territory by May 19th. Fortunately, Mercury also moves forward on May 3rd. It takes several days for Mercury to get moving at a decent pace again. However, Mercury is in the midst of some excellent cycles while this occurs (Mercury conjunct Uranus and trine Saturn).

These cycles are excellent for using new technologies and new ideas to solve old challenges. They stay in range through the middle of May, so you have time to finalize your logistics to move forward with these new ideas. Even radical or unusual ideas can be well received by the mainstream now and moved forward with good support. Have you been offering alternative methods for years and having trouble selling it? May 7, 8, 11, 12, or 13 are the dates to make a big push! Remember to avoid any void of course periods on those dates. See my calendar to see when those periods take place.

At the same time, we have another cycle (Sun sextile Neptune) which is helpful for gaining clarity about your vision for the future. This cycle is in range April 30th – May 6th, and peaks on May 3rd. This provides support for the new changes you’ve chosen, as they should further your vision.

The next good date for new starts is May 11th after the void of course Moon. If you plan to start a new project, wait for that date. Mercury gets up to full speed by May 19th, and it moves into new territory on May 21st. At that point, we should really be ready to roll.

Economic High Begins May 9th

Beginning May 9th and lasting through November 5, 2018, we’re at an economic high shown by the McWhirter Nodal Cycle, which has shown that the US economy reaches its high point when the North Node of the Moon travels through the sign of Leo.

We have a secondary cycle that also contributes positive energy to the economy (Saturn trine Uranus). However, there's a challenging economic cycle too (Jupiter square Pluto). Until we get to the end of August or early September, these two cycles basically cancel each other out in terms of help and hindrance to the economy.

Fortunately, Saturn trine Uranus lasts for months beyond the challenging cycle and even recurs next year. We’re fortunate to have a cycle associated with making changes easily in range for such a long time. It also contributes to our improved economy.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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