May 2017: Nourishing Growth

by Joan Kiley

woman gardeningMay began with a cardinal Grand Cross, due to the Moon’s position in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter in Libra was square them both, and widely opposed to Eris, and even more widely opposed to Mercury and Uranus. Thus the oppositions were weak, and so was the Cross. However, it needs to be noted that it was active, but easing. This concept is integral to the energies of the month of May.

For so many of us, April proved to be far too much stress and confusion, with all the retrogrades and stressful angles. We were looking to May for relief. Despite the Grand Cross as May began, it lasted only a matter of hours. There was also some ease with the Sun and Neptune in sextile aspect the first ten days, as well as Venus and Mars. On May 3, the Leo Moon formed a fire Grand Trine with Saturn in Sagittarius, and the Eris/ Mercury/ Uranus triplet in Aries, sparking a wee bit of optimism that light could be found at the end of the tunnel.

May 3 was also an important date for our friend Mercury, retrograde since April 9, and stationing direct at 9:33 AM PDT on May 3. Mercury had been in a powerful position for two weeks, conjunct Uranus. It enters Taurus at 9:07 PM PDT on May 15, but will remain conjunct Uranus, out of sign, until it leaves its shadow on May 20. This aspect, with both planets also conjunct Eris, has made for some powerful dreams, insights, and experiences of intuitive knowing.

We felt the downside of Neptune’s influence with the Sun on May 5, when the Moon opposed Neptune, and Mars was square Neptune. Despite lots of trines, much of the day felt like it was difficult to get a grip on our ideas, projects, or even where we were in our progress. We may have felt like everything was oily and slipped through our fingers, just out of our grasp. Not a disaster, just humbling, like the cosmos was putting us in our place. We are not, after all, really in control of outcomes. Remember the Serenity Prayer?

The Moon’s Nodal Axis changed signs at 11:28 AM PDT on May 9, from North Node in Virgo to North Node in Leo (the Moon’s nodes are generally moving in retrograde motion). So here’s the change of dynamic; from Pisces south node of vagueness and confusion struggling to reach the Virgo north node of clarity and discernment, to Aquarius south node of alienation and “otherness” struggling to be the Leo north node, creative, popular and admired. That’s definitely over-simplifying the meaning as well as over-emphasizing the shadow issues. Nevertheless, those key words can indicate a little of what we may have seen in the past year and a half, or will see in the next period, in our own lives as well as on the nightly news! An important note to remember, however, is that you will have encouragement and energy to draw on, for stimulation of your creativity! Take advantage!

The nodes will remain in the Leo/Aquarius axis for approximately 18 months. This will be particularly important for those with their nodal axis in Leo/Aquarius, but also for all of us who may have planets to be aspected strongly by these nodes. The Leo north node wants to shine, get attention, be loved and admired. It strives to be little less “weird” or out of the ordinary, yet is pulled back into the Aquarius south node to do its own thing as it is used to doing. Aspects to both nodes will often indicate which way “the wind is blowing” at the time.

What is extremely interesting about this particular change in the nodal axis is the timing, and how it was reflected in the news. It arrived when Mercury had recently turned direct, but was exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries. The speed of information (Mercury) picked up. The ruler of Aries, Mars, was in Mercury’s sign, Gemini. Thus, they were in mutual reception. Mars was square to Neptune. Both Mars and Uranus wanted to take bold sudden action, but it was confusing (Neptune) and reckless. And what happened? The firing of FBI Director Comey. Certainly it’s easy to see the loss of any rational thinking, not that there’s been much evidence of any before this. However, this action could easily be the stroke of (lack of) genius, which puts the administration definitely on a stage it has been trying to avoid. And we see that the transiting north node in Leo was sitting exactly on DJT’s ascendant. And it will be moving into his 12th house.

The very next day, we had the Full Moon in Scorpio at 2:42 PM PDT May 10. The Scorpio Full Moon is considered by many to be the most powerful Full Moon of the year, and our recent one was no exception. The Sun in earthy, sensual Taurus, wanted to be luxuriously comfortable but found itself challenged by the Scorpio Moon, who takes us to the deep emotional places we often avoid. Thus, we needed to face issues, and try to find comfort in what could bring discomfort. But just like when we feel pleased with ourselves when we finally get around to cleaning out that closet stacked with objects we no longer use or need, we can, and do, find comfort in discarding old emotional baggage that we see, finally, as just that.

Scorpio is a sign co-ruled by Pluto and Mars. At the Full Moon, both of these rulers were in strong square aspects. Mars in Gemini was exactly square Neptune in Pisces, and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn was square retrograde Jupiter in Libra. In addition, retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius was in a strong square with Chiron in Pisces. These aspects, in addition to the aspects between Pluto and the Uranus/Eris/Mercury trio, had both our inner life and our outer life in a state of tension, scrambling for a solution during the Full Moon time. Memories of our past, and the discomfort we felt then, may have flooded our senses. But experiencing the truth of who we are now, speaking that truth, and not holding back, was like a balm. The Neptune and Jupiter influences assisted us in being compassionate while we did so, and not just to others, but to ourselves as well.

All of the squares from the Full Moon time remained strong through the next week. In addition, with Venus advancing through Aries, she began to involve herself in hard aspects. On Mother’s Day, May 14, she was opposed Jupiter, and square the Moon in Capricorn, which could have put a slight damper on what is supposed to be a celebratory day.

There are several strong trine aspects in play as well, as the Moon wanes. Jupiter in Libra is trine Mars in Gemini, and on May 17, the two combine with the Moon in Aquarius to form an air Grand Trine. A great day for meetings, exchanges of ideas, and strategizing. Saturn is in a very strong trine with Uranus as well, which could assist with innovation while still following reasonable guidelines.

Mercury moves into Taurus at 9:07 PM PDT on May 15, but will remain conjunct Uranus, though out of sign, until about May 20. Hopefully, that conjunction has resulted, and will continue to result, in sudden unexpected experiences, and/or generated innovative and useful ideas that can encourage each of us to take the next bold step in our journey.

Late in the day, 9:38 PM PDT, on May 18, Saturn and Uranus form an exact trine. This is a good time for us to ask ourselves, are we building the structures needed for a new world vision? Or are we just complaining about the old structures that we find annoying because they no longer seem to be working? We will come back to this question again in November when the two planets once again form an exact trine.

The Sun moves into Gemini at 1:31 PM PDT on May 20. Will this be a breath of fresh air for us all, where we utilize what we’ve recently learned, let go of all that’s no longer of use, and move ahead with a new vigor? Or will it be more “talk, talk, talk” and no useful action? Gemini is fundamentally a sign of learning, communicating, and circulating ideas. When the Sun is there, that energy is available to us all. However, Mars will be there as well, through the end of the month, in an opposition with Saturn, and square to Chiron, the three of them in a T-square. One would think that having Mars opposed Saturn might actually encourage us to take responsible action, and it very well may. However, the shadow side of that aspect, which is distraction, restlessness, and a start/stop motion, could also be the winner. Sometimes, the power struggle in a Mars/Saturn opposition results in violence. In this case, both planets square Chiron. Thus wounds from early in life could incite such a reaction.

Another aspect that could have a great deal of bearing on people’s reactions for the remainder of the month is Venus square Pluto. Much of this time there is a T-square between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, but after May 26, Venus moves out of the opposition with Jupiter. This could be quite volatile, or it could be very healing. Power and control issues could arise in relationships, including manipulation, jealousy, and drama. There could also be a financial issue, where a crisis arises. Given the Chiron aspects at this time, we could experience deep insecurities and a feeling of being unloveable. Facing these feelings and owning that they are from an earlier time in your life, and not a reflection of who you are now, could be very healing. However, staying stuck in those feelings, blaming, or projecting the difficulty on to another, could be very painful, with more dire consequences.

On May 25, we’ll have a New Moon at 4 degrees 47 minutes Gemini, at 12:45 PM PDT. When I looked at the chart of the New Moon, I thought, “I’m so glad the Sun and Moon have each other.” The New Moon really makes no aspects to any other planets, and we know how much Gemini needs to communicate! (Actually, it does make aspects to two asteroids, a wide conjunction to Ceres in Gemini, and a sextile to Vesta in Leo.)

Since there were no planetary aspects to view and contemplate, it seemed appropriate to look at the Sabian Symbol. And wow! How apt for these times we’re livin’ in! According to Lynda Hill’s The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, the Sabian Symbol for 5 Gemini is: “A radical magazine or publication, asking for action, displays a sensational front page.” Hmmm, sound familiar? News that shocks? News with questionable sources? Propaganda? Possible diversion tactic so people won’t notice even more radical action being taken? According to Lynda: “Arousing others for selfish reasons…misinformation and disinformation…distortion of the truth.” There is also the implication that it is a time of change, there is a need for change, but there is also difficulty reaching clarity on which direction or action is best.

New Moons, as we know, are new beginnings, and reminding ourselves of this can allow a hopeful attitude to emerge. We can give ourselves time to vision, to affirm a positive image, and thus make such a reality more likely to manifest.

On May 27 and 28, the Moon in Cancer forms a cardinal Grand Cross with Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus, a similar version to the cardinal Grand Cross that started the month. There are many sextiles and trines operating as well, but don’t expect these days to be easy ones. The need for action, and the desire for initiating change is strong. But those needs and desires are complex, and create confusion around decision-making. We may want help, but may just as likely reject any input.

From May 26 through the end of the month, Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. It is exact on May 31. Venus, of course, is still square to Pluto, and Mars is opposed to Saturn. These personal planet aspects tell me the end of the month will be a time of serious contemplation. Despite the Sun, and Mars, in Gemini, the energy of these final days will not make chitchat or superficiality easy. We shall each have our issues to ponder, and next steps to plan. Give yourself and others the space needed to do just that.

Joan Kiley AstrologerSee you next month.


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