Mercury Direct and the Latest News On Comet Elenin

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerApril 23rd is the last day of Mercury retrograde! Yes, I can hear great sighs of relief out there! We had a very tough retrograde period this time, with plenty of frustration, anger, aggravation, irritation and delays. You may even have encountered plenty of sharp criticisms and/or rigid thinking. That’s related to Mercury conjunct Mars and both of them opposite Saturn. This is starting to lessen now, but you can expect these challenges to continue somewhat through the rest of the month. A better use of those energies would be to direct them towards planning and logistical work. The lesson now is to get the details right and that will make a big difference.

When Mercury is stopping to turn around and go direct, notice that it’s not moving at all. For Mercury, this is the hardest situation and it requires plenty of patience. Things will still be slow over the ten days "shadow period" as Mercury moves direct, but problems will be getting fixed. So just take a deep breath or two. We’ll all get into new territory finally on May 11th after Mercury gets past the area it’s been retracing. Until then, be patient.

Ah, we love it! Peaking on April 22nd, and staying in range through April 28th, we have a cycle associated with unexpected money and love. This is the cycle of Venus conjunct Uranus. This can be quite fun! You may even feel restless to get out and have some fun. Unexpected money can show up now and it might get spent on some unexpected purchases.

Hold onto some of that money though as you may need to pay some unexpected debts or bills. These are showing up as the cycle of Venus square Pluto. That cycle can also bring up power issues in relationships, and of course there are lots of power issues lately related to who’s paying the bills. You may also encounter a situation in which you don’t have as much money as you expected. That’s associated with the cycle of Venus opposite Saturn. The cycle of Venus square Pluto comes into range on April 21st, peaks on April 27th, and stays in range through May 2, 2011. Venus opposite Saturn comes into range on April 25th, peaks on April 30th and stays in range through May 5, 2011.

Romances that start unexpectedly under the Venus conjunct Uranus cycle will have a “carnival- like” sense to them. By that I mean that you do something very fun in the same way that you'd go to a carnival -you have a great time and then you go home. These relationships can be fun and offer you an opportunity to enjoy yourself. But often they don’t stabilize into a long-term relationship. Just have fun with whatever shows up. If something else develops over the long-term then that’s terrific. And if not, no worries! Just enjoy the fun for what it is!

Next, already in range, peaking on April 27th and staying in range through May 4th, we have a very strong cycle for powerful leaders and powerful leadership. This is the cycle of Sun trine Pluto, If you have a major proposal, this is a good time to approach the decision makers, especially if the proposal is one that will impact many people.

Beginning tomorrow on April 23rd, the healing cycle of Chiron sextile Pluto comes into range. This may be related to healing nuclear radiation and/or to healing the oceans. It also relates to healing toxic emotional issues. This cycle will stay in range without peaking through September 15, 2011. We’ll get this cycle again next year when it will peak and it will be with us through late 2012. This provides a good amount of time for us to do healing work on ourselves and the Earth. Now is a good time to do release work for emotional traumas. There are many excellent tools to do this, which are fast and effective. Contact me if you would like some recommendations.

Next, on April 29th and 30th we have six planets all in Aries: Moon, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. However, we already have five of these planets there. It’s a party! Aries is the sign of new starts, new beginnings, and it’s known for being impulsive and spontaneous. With all these planets there after Mercury retrograde is over, you could easily find the time, money and energy to start something new. However, it will go better if you will wait until after the New Moon on May 2nd to get it started. In the meantime, get prepared to move forward.

Aries is also the sign of the warrior, so whenever we have a preponderance of planets in Aries, there’s a tendency for war energies to emerge as well. If you encounter these types of situations, it’s best to use these energies to assert your needs in the most matter-of-fact way possible. I also strongly recommend that you get the book, Speak Peace in a World of Conflict by Marshall Rosenberg. If you use Rosenberg's process, you will have a much better chance of getting your needs met.

As part of that party going on in Aries, we also have the cycle of Mars conjunct Jupiter. This cycle presents a great time to take fortunate actions. It’s especially a great time to take actions that can increase your fortune downstream. This cycle is already in range. It peaks late on April 30th and stays in range through May 10th. During this time, take the most important actions that will get you to the next level of wherever you’re going. It’s time to get things started, especially that first and second week of May.

Lastly, remember that we’re in a major earth change cycle which will last for the next eight years. This is the cycle of Uranus square Pluto, which gets very close to peaking this year and then peaks seven times between 2012 and 2015. This cycle is about breaking up old, rigid patterns of control, and dismantling structures or processes that are no longer appropriate. Some of those structures and processes were never appropriate, and now time’s up. They’re getting changed. 

What Up With Comet Elenin?

In addition, we’re expecting MAJOR amounts of earth changes with this cycle. Notice what’s happened to Japan and get prepared. As I’ve mentioned previously, the comet or dwarf sun of Elenin is coming very close to Earth this fall. NASA is tracking it. It will cause major earth changes all over our country and all over the Earth. That includes severe power outages over multi-state and multi-country areas. So get prepared! 
Here are some videos related to Elenin:

This one is about "comet" Elenin and it's volume isn't the best. So turn up your speakers to the loudest they will go. It's the best one I can find about the alignments. It contains excellent data:

This one is an update to the previous Elenin video, with information about the large number of earthquakes we're seeing. 

This one is an attempt to prove that the comet is not a comet at all, but a brown dwarf aka a dwarf sun, due to its heat signature.