Mercury Retrograde Begins August 30

by Madeline Gerwick

Mercury RetrogradeBeginning August 30, Mercury appears to move backward (retrograde) in the sky through Virgo, one of the two signs with which it has affinity. At the same time, Venus and then Jupiter move into the sign of Libra. This Mercury retrograde cycle continues through September 22.

Mercury is strong in the sign Virgo. So the emphasis might have to do with life's details, or with rethinking or reworking improvement projects or past opportunities. This particular Mercury retrograde will take you back to the point where you can reconnect with the masses or powerful people (Mercury trine Pluto September 20 – 22). So there are some good opportunities at hand.

Remember though that all Mercury retrograde periods (red communication days in my Good Timing Guide) can be fraught with miscommunications, transportation delays, and malfunctioning cars, computers, phones, printers, etc. This isn't the best time for important paperwork because you’re supposed to be catching up and reconsidering your needs.

The best way to utilize this cycle is to schedule about 50% less work than usual so you can focus on taking care of what's already in progress. As mistakes or crises are uncovered, you’ll then have more room in your schedule to attend to them without having to reschedule everything. If no crises or mistakes arise, you have time to catch up – the primary purpose of this cycle. So plan on it!

The next two eclipses will take place during Mercury retrograde this month. They are associated with seeing a different perspective regarding an old situation.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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