New Moon in Aquarius: Money Fears and Secrets Revealed

by Madeline Gerwick

money fearsThe Aquarius New Moon on January 27th brings the potential for fears about social changes, money and relationships. This is because the Moon's ruler Saturn is square Venus. The good news is that we have an easier cycle at the same time which suggests stable growth for the economy (Jupiter sextile Saturn) in the short term, and a positive, secondary cycle that adds help (Saturn trine Uranus). There are some unexpected challenges at hand though (Jupiter opposite Uranus).

Mercury is ready to reveal some more secrets, and perhaps they'll be other worldly. We could also see revelations about past events that shine new light on them. Whatever is expopsed could be quite a surprise for most people.

We’re just about finished with the energetic cycle associated with frustration (Mars square Saturn). Hopefully, you have your written plan together, so you can get the green light from the Universe once the energy shifts. Part of the challenge now could be that you don't know where the money will come from to support your plans. It’s OK. You don't have to know that detail yet. Unexpected money could very well show up next month.

The stock markets look like they’re supported until those unexpected secrets get revealed. It looks like the financial markets will find those secrets challenging. However, there may be a delay in that reaction, or the behind-the-scenes team that pumps up the markets might manage to keep them steady. Or perhaps there’s a delay in the news getting out? We’ll see which way it plays out.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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