New Moon on July 15th Plus Jupiter Square Saturn

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWhat’s getting started at the New Moon on July 15th looks very transformational for our thinking, our actions and our motivations (Mercury conjunct Mars and both opposite Pluto). Due to some volatile energies before and after the New Moon, this period can be physically dangerous, with a higher chance of accidents than usual. Be extra careful driving and with your words.

The week before this New Moon, and especially the day before, we’re in a cycle associated with relationship and money issues. Scarcity of money (or energy) is a definite challenge at this time, and the stock markets look very challenged. This is not a good time to invest, since stocks could keep going down for awhile.

In addition, at this New Moon we’re into a challenging economic cycle (Jupiter square Saturn), which will peak on August 3rd. This cycle is associated with letting go of economic or social structures / processes, which are no longer needed, or don’t work well. This could apply equally to our personal finances as well as that of countries and governments.

We might still be tempted to make radical choices, or do something completely unexpected or different (Sun and Moon together and both square Uranus). This may be due to entrenched confusion or uncertainty at this time (Sun and Moon both sesquiquadrate Neptune), which might also suggest that changes are occurring.

However, we’re heading into a period when we’re likely to focus on our responsibilities and obligations (Sun and Moon both trine Saturn). So whatever radical or unusual choices are made, they could be made with responsibilities and obligations in mind. This cycle (Sun trine Saturn) peaks on July 21st and stays in range through July 28th.

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