New Moon on February 18th

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

What’s getting started at this New Moon on February 18th is essentially nothing. Our plates are already so full, we cannot take on anything more. This New Moon is at 29 degrees 59 minutes of Aquarius, the last minute of the last degree of that sign. We’re full to the brim with tasks, and we may have agreed to take these on during Mercury retrograde, when we were under pressure to fix crises. In fact this New Moon shows a lot of responsibilities weighing on us (Sun and Moon square Saturn), as though we have more to do than we know how to tackle. This cycle peaks on February 23rd and stays in range through March 1st.

As if that’s not enough, we’re also in a cycle associated with an entrenched mode of doing too much with too little time, money and energy (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter). So we get this message in three completely different ways. We’re just not ready for new starts! We need to eat what’s on our plates first.

This is a very unusual New Moon, since we had a New Moon in Aquarius on January 20th at 0 degrees of the sign. The New Moon in Aquarius is interested in group ideals and goals for the future. It’s also interested in innovation and technology. This New Moon can be radical in its ideas and it often questions why we’re doing whatever we’re doing. Since we have this New Moon twice (Jan 20th and Feb 18th), apparently the Universe thinks we need to do more of this!

In slightly less than a month from this date, we have the final peak of Uranus square Pluto. So these are intense times for making needed changes, and there’s a sense of urgency to get them done. This New Moon reminds me of a very pregnant woman. She is about to experience great change, but first she must carry the baby to full term and prepare for its arrival.

This New Moon also shows that we’re gaining clarity regarding our vision of what we want in our future (Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune). However, it looks like we’re also involved in political or power struggles that may be bringing unexpected issues to the surface (Sun and Moon semisquare both Uranus and Pluto).

This is likely to be arguing about HOW a vision or goal is to be accomplished. Give that stuff up and start looking for the easiest and best path to accomplish your intention. Use your intuition and look for allies with a similar vision. In money and love, there’s something going on that’s not going to come together. (Venus in Pisces is chasing Mars in Pisces, but Mars leaves the sign before Venus can catch him.) This is essentially a woman who is very highly regarded. Oddly enough, she’s chasing someone well beneath her station. At least the guy has enough sense to realize this and he leaves.

In money or business situations, anticipate that something is not yet right for a deal to come together. It can come together later, but not in the form it’s in now. (Venus and Mars will conjunct in Aries, but that’s a very different Venus and Mars – warriors instead of spiritual partners). Something in the deal will have to morph considerably in order for it to work. The one issue to really research is whether the growth possibilities that pop up now are real, or just look good on the surface (Sun opposite Jupiter). It looks like these opportunities could work out well if there’s technology or a new approach that will make it work. Otherwise, it’s likely to be pie in the sky. This cycle stays in range from January 31st – February 11th.

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