November 2015 Astrocycles - Pushing to Create a New Reality

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerA Cancer Moon in direct opposition to Pluto in Capricorn was abloom when November was birthed this year. Another strong opposition at the start was Jupiter in Virgo facing off with Chiron in Pisces. Venus and Mars were exactly conjunct in Virgo, also opposed Chiron but less strongly than Jupiter.

The strong Chiron and Pluto energies were fitting, for November is the month of deepest Scorpio. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars, is known for keeping feelings and wounds hidden beneath the surface. A higher expression of Scorpio is that part of us that is willing to go deep, find that which needs to be excavated, brought to the surface and faced head-on. Scorpio wants honesty, and is capable of great healing.

The planets in Virgo were probing Chiron, known in myth as the wounded healer, as we started the month. If we responded well to the early Chiron aspects, we allowed what wanted to emerge to emerge, counted on Jupiter to put a healthier face on what was to be kept, and let the rest go. Chiron is active by aspect for much of the month, so we know that there may be difficult feelings with which to cope, perhaps relating to a Virgoan sense of not being “enough.” Yet, the Piscean effect will be compassionate, allowing us to trust that a positive outcome is not only possible, but also likely, if we can bring a new kind of self-love to our search for meaning. Meanwhile the Moon, opposing Pluto, let us know that deep emotions will be with us throughout the month.

The Sun at 8 Scorpio was trine Neptune at 7 Pisces. This Neptune aspect was with us the first week. Unless you have something strong in water signs at 6-9 degrees, you may not have noticed. There was a flow between the two. A situation you were involved in could have “flowed” right passed your awareness and become something else without your noticing until well past the time you could have done anything about it. Such is Neptune.

Mercury shifted into Scorpio at 12:07 AM PST November 2, and was trine to Neptune through the 9th. Venus moved into her own sign of Libra on November 8 at 8:31 AM PST. She joined the North Node of the Moon, also at 0 degrees Libra.

The chart of the New Moon, at 19 Scorpio on November 11 at 9:48 AM PST, was very active. Mercury joined the Sun and Moon at 15 Scorpio. All three planets were trine Chiron at 17 Pisces. Jupiter was still in opposition to Chiron. Saturn, at 5 Sagittarius, was building to square with Neptune at 7 Pisces. Uranus was square Pluto and quincunx the New Moon. Lots and lots of sextile (60 degree) aspects were strong and active.

For instance, the Sun and Moon and Mercury in Scorpio were all sextile Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter in Virgo. Pluto was also sextile Chiron in Pisces. Venus in Libra was sextile Saturn in Sagittarius. Only Uranus and Neptune were not in a sextile aspect to another planet at the New Moon. It’s not that sextiles are in themselves powerful movers in a chart, but they act as openings. If stimulated, they may be opportunities because they are not blockages or tensions. In various numerological traditions, the number six (the divisor into 360 to get the sextile) was the perfect number. Thus, the ensuing Moon cycle can be one of subtle, but interesting opportunities to make positive changes.

It could also see people on the edge fall over it. The slightest stimulus to an old wound could bring people to impulsively act in self-destructive ways, particularly if they are feeling alone, without support, and desperate. Jupiter in Virgo is big, and it opposes Chiron for a lengthy period. If this aspect sets off a strong feeling of “I’m no good” or “I’ve been wronged” plus an urge to take negative action, the negativity could be difficult to stem. This is a time when it takes some positive ego strength to keep it together, particularly if powerful aspects in the New Moon chart triggered wound areas of the natal chart.

With all of these aspects, what was really happening? What was being asked of us? We were being asked to make a commitment to patiently observe our responses to unexpected stimuli that bring up old feelings of woundedness during this Moon cycle. Scorpio times want to take us deep. They ask us not to ignore or gloss over our feelings, even when those feelings are uncomfortable, unpleasant, or frustrating. The Pisces influence may tempt us to escape or self-medicate through one of our favorite drugs, be it alcohol, food, work, or just over-doing. Wise use of our intuition, however, given the strong Uranian impulses, might bring us surprising insights and an unexpected capacity for self-acceptance.

The evening of November 11 saw the movement of the Moon’s Nodes into the signs of Virgo and Pisces. Mars and Venus had been conjunct the North Node since the start of the month, and on the 7th, at 0 degrees 20 minutes Libra, the Nodes went retrograde. This nodal activity reinforces the ideas about observing our feelings of insecurity, particularly in our relationships, and acting in ways that would put us in a more self- and other- loving place.

Mars moved into Libra at 1:41 PM PST on November 12. Aspects remain fairly steady until November 18. We then have the first quarter Moon, Venus moves into strong square with Pluto, Mercury is conjunct the Sun, and Saturn moves within a degree of exact square to Neptune. These aspects could reflect a crisis in our dealing with others. Old ways of relating, using attempts at charm or just expecting to be “believed” may be challenged. Some people could be offensively blunt. Be prepared to speak honestly but with kindness.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 20 at 11:44 AM PST, and conjuncts Saturn for the remainder of the month. The Sun moves into Sagittarius at 7:26 AM PST on November 22, joining Mercury and Saturn in the early degrees. Having the Sun and Mercury now in Sagittarius definitely alters the energetic field, from brooding Scorpio to upbeat Sagittarius. Not that we will be ready for listening to holiday music non-stop, but we may be more tolerant of a few sleigh bells.

We do still have a strong T-square between Venus, Pluto and Uranus that puts tension on relationships. We might also be encouraged to assess our resources and be more frugal in spending them, be they financial, physical, or emotional. Try new ways of being in this stressful time. Don’t wear yourself out. Take time for yourself. Try saying No when appropriate, and Yes when you least expect to.

We’ll have a Full Moon in Gemini at 2:43 PM PST on November 25. The Moon will not only be opposite the Sun, but Saturn and Mercury as well. In addition, Neptune will be in a T-square with the entire opposition. The Venus/Pluto/Uranus T-square will still be in effect as well. Mars is trine the Moon, sextile the Sagittarius planets and quincunx Neptune. Such a mix of mutable and air energies! It feels like everyone is talking at once, insisting their opinions are the “right” ones to be listened to, and yet not a single one is making sense! Let me out of here! (Remind you of anything you’ve seen on TV lately?)

This is an opportunity to learn some discernment. We may feel ambushed by a lot of old, outdated cultural beliefs, in need of being discarded.  Then there are the numerous promises of brand new magic bullets that will make all our problems disappear. Of course, they are too good to be true. Fantasy can be enticing, but you need not let it carry you away. Just because we keep learning that some old assumptions are invalid, doesn’t mean your world is falling apart. Think about it as an opportunity to upgrade your “system,” clear away what has outgrown its usefulness, and envision a more meaningful paradigm.

The square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces becomes exact at 1:55 AM PST on November 26, Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. Will it assist us in being more thankful? It could. Just as the Full Moon presented opportunity to learn clarity of judgment, the period of the Saturn/Neptune square is like a search for deeper meaning for our life, our individual life and the life we share in common. There is nothing like gratitude as a foundation for a meaningful life.

If we look at Saturn as reality, and Neptune as faith, when the two clash, what happens? Saturn wants stability; Neptune wants flow. Saturn wants certainty; Neptune wants awe and wonder. Can there be a meeting in the middle? Jupiter rules both of the signs these planets are in. Jupiter wants the best outcome. Do we want to see the future as beyond our control (blind faith), or can we envision a life where we participate in co-creating a sustainable lifestyle for the collective? That may seem like a fantasy/pie-in-the-sky “reality” yet there are people making it happen everyday.

During this Saturn/Neptune period, we will see three exact squares: November 26, 2015, another on June 18, 2016, and the final on September 9, 2016. Much of this year we have seen Neptune eroding many long-held belief systems, to the point that those who continue to cling to them begin to appear outdated and outlandish (think of same-sex marriage, or the idea of “hunting” species on the brink of extinction), because those beliefs are no longer useful for the collective.

Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius, there is a push for a new structure of solid truth, based on science, but also on intuition that is reliable and trustworthy. It is there, in the area of intuition, that Saturn and Neptune may be able to meet. Science is helpful, but we recognize that scientists are also humans, and may be enticed to bend their findings to benefit corporate, political and military interests.  Neptune in Pisces, plus Pluto in Capricorn, has revealed far too much of “the emperor has no clothes” phenomena and people are much less likely now to trust so-called authorities.

So who can we trust? Knowing who and what to believe will be tough. We must learn to trust ourselves, our own inner truths. There will come a moment when Saturn’s desire for the concrete will give way to just wanting truth. This first exact square may give us a preview of what is to come. Take notes!

The final days of the month, we see the Sun conjunct Saturn. We see Venus opposing Uranus, and also the planet Eris. These aspects will challenge us to find our inner warrior energy, to stand our ground when it comes to our intuitive truths, particularly when it comes to relationships.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
See you next month.


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