November 2015 Full Moon and the Economy

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThe Full Moon on November 25th brings to light the difficulties facing leaders who are weighed down by responsibilities and lack of a clear vision on how to handle them. Structures that have been deteriorating for years are finally dissolving, like an old pier that breaks free after years of decay and floats out to sea.

Congress looks like it’s doing battle behind closed doors. The stock markets look rough. Nothing seems to be holding up. Nine out of ten planets are at play (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn all square Neptune; Mars in conjunct Neptune; Venus square Pluto and opposite Uranus). In financial matters, err on the side of prudence and take protective measures when appropriate. 

The political and media spin can vacillate between misleading information, outright deception (Mercury square Neptune) and grounded, practical reality statements. As always, be discerning. Misinformation to both the public, and even leaders, could be rampant. Confusion is the name of the game.

The good news about these transits is that we have the energy to take action (Moon trine Mars, Mercury sextile Mars), which is what we’ve needed for the past 15+ years when it comes to the financial system. With any luck at all, this situation will finally shift so we can start creating a sustainable economy.

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