November Astrocycles 2013

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerNovember not only starts with mystery and intensity. It carries on in exactly the same tone. At 12:00 AM November 1, we not only had the infamous exact square of Uranus/Pluto at 9 degrees of Aries/Capricorn respectively, but Mars was at 9 degrees Virgo, the Sun was 9 degrees Scorpio, and Chiron was at 9 degrees Pisces. Mercury was 10 degrees Scorpio and retrograding toward 9, while the Moon was at 10 degrees of Libra. Coincidence? Not on your life. Astrology doesn’t play that game.

Now, it was also true that Mars was late in the 9th degree and then shifted to 10 degrees, Mercury retrograded back to 9 degrees, and the Sun moved to 10 degrees, all within 24 hours. There was something very important about those degrees. And it’s probably up to each of us to figure out exactly what that was.

Symbolically there are multiple meanings for the number 9, but many can be summed up by the idea of completion, the ending of a cycle or system, something ending, finished. Literally, 9 is the end of the series of single digit numbers. The number 10 starts a new series.

The first weekend of November was indeed a potent one. We no sooner experienced the prophetic beginning hours, and the powerful Pluto/Uranus square on the 1st, when we slipped into the Moon’s dark phase. Then at 4:50 AM PST, November 3rd we had the New Moon in Scorpio and a rare “hybrid” solar eclipse. The hybrid phenomenon occurs when an annular solar eclipse shifts into a total solar eclipse along different points of the eclipse path. Only 4.8 % of solar eclipses are this type of hybrid. People on the east coast of North America had the opportunity to view the eclipse if they arose at dawn!

As we know, New Moons are the beginnings of a month-long lunar cycle, and an excellent time to envision how we’d like to see ourselves, and the world, cooperate in a beneficial way for us on our future path. The November New Moon, however, with the strong message of something ending and something beginning from the first of the month, is even more potent than most. Also, when we look at the strong stellium in Scorpio for the New Moon, it definitely gives one pause. The Sun and Moon were conjoined by Mercury retrograde, the North Node and Saturn. This was potent medicine for looking deeply and honestly at where we want to find ourselves down the road.

Endings/beginnings, changes awhirl inside and outside of each of us. The energy was, and continues to be, strong, and confusing. After reading a friend’s description of waking up after dental surgery, I realized it sounded just like how other friends were describing feeling these days…but without the medication. Where am I? Did that just happen? Am I dreaming? Old memories slip through into consciousness into an environment that was unknown at the time of the memory. We give information to one person that we meant to tell another. So many projects are happening at once, it’s difficult to sort out when one task has been completed and another one begun.

Some of the whirlwind in our minds can be lessened by slowing down, taking some deep breaths, taking stock of what is really ours to deal with, drawing necessary boundaries, and yes, weeping. There’s no doubt that with so much Scorpio energy there were emotions, deep ones, and maybe feelings, we had a hard time discerning. At times like those, and there will be many more in November, try to give yourself some time alone, to recoup and regroup.

Indeed, the turmoil that most of us, and most of the world, has been stewing in, is likely the end of an era, or at least a chapter of history. So many of us, reflecting the symbols, have been letting go, releasing, preparing for a new way of being in our world. This will continue, for it’s no overnight phenomenon. But give yourselves some slack. Endings are losses, even if the feeling is “good riddance.” And loss means grief.

The Sun and Saturn remain strongly conjunct for the first two weeks of the month. Given the planets involved, it would seem like much could be accomplished. However, in combination with retrograde Mercury, it could actually be more difficult to stay on task, allowing mistakes to be made, truths to be revealed, and miscommunications to be commonplace. If one is able to stay focused, however, substantial positive changes to projects can be achieved following a thorough assessment.

After Mercury goes direct, it will be more possible to make positive forward motion. Some worldly examples of this would be some corrective international movement on the Fukushima disaster, and movement forward on several critical bills in Congress, including immigration reform and ENDA. In more personal terms, whatever one has been ignoring or pretending to be inconsequential, yet really, critically, needs attention, may get its day. Inner changes that have been happening below the level of consciousness may manifest by one’s suddenly having the capacity to focus and attend to important details.

Also during the first two weeks of the month, three planets will change direction, indicating major shifts of energy. On November 6, at 9:04 PM PST, Jupiter stations retrograde at 20 degrees 31 minutes of Cancer. On November 10, at 2:12 PM PST Mercury stations direct at 2 degrees Scorpio, but remains in its shadow phase until November 27, when it returns to 18 degrees. It also remains in a trine with Neptune until about the 21st. Neptune, meanwhile, stations direct at 11:43 AM PST on November 13. The energy remains intense, and confusing.

Backing up a few days, there will also be another energy shift on the afternoon of November 5, when Venus changes signs, and enters Capricorn. Due to Venus’s retrograde cycle starting in December, she will remain in Capricorn for four months. It is highly unusual for Venus to spend so long in a sign, except during a retrograde period, which occurs about every two years. This tells me that we have some important lessons to learn about the combination of the Venus and Capricorn archetypes. Venus may be the planet of love and relationship, but in Capricorn she also takes up the qualities of leadership, practicality and financial responsibility. She’ll want to be the boss, and if that means going her own way independently, so be it. New models of grounded interpersonal connection may be on the agenda.

In her early days in Capricorn, Venus will sextile both Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. This could help ease the fog in your brain, by providing a bit of grounded reality, but not necessarily. If Neptune is in very close aspect to your own Mercury, or some other very personal planet, fog may remain your BF until the aspect lifts, or at least until those planets station direct.

Venus will also be building to a conjunction with Pluto and a square with Uranus. Both aspects will be exact on the 15th. This will most naturally be reflected via a deep way. Prepare for some rumblings and grumblings if you are like most of us and there are things about those close to you that get under your skin. But be courageous, and communicate as consciously and conscientiously as you are able. Know that what emerges may be a learning, a revelation, a clearing, and/or even a gateway, to a better place for everyone involved. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some suffering along the way. Venus represents our values and coming up close and personal with Pluto and Uranus could mean some restructuring of our values and priorities in a big way. Don’t be afraid to reprioritize. It’s time.

There will be a strong trine between the Sun and Jupiter from November 7-17, putting special emphasis on our emotional longings, and giving us some courage to take advantage of new opportunities. On the 17th, we’ll have a Full Moon in Taurus at 7:15 AM PST. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so we have more emphasis on our values. How we value ourselves in relationships, both personal and work-related, will be highlighted. Venus will have moved past the exact conjunction with Pluto/square to Uranus, but both aspects will still be strongly felt.

On the 18th Mars in Virgo will be sextile Jupiter in Cancer. Continue the prioritization, putting all the pieces in proper order for improvement and forward movement.

The Sun shifts to Sagittarius on November 21, at 8:49 PM PST. The Moon and Jupiter are exactly conjunct at that moment, all of which could reflect a much more optimistic mood in the world! And boy, will we be needing such a moment! Relish it!

The Sun, upon entering Sagittarius, immediately squares Neptune, prompting us to a big-picture view of the world. If the big picture looks too good to be true, it probably is. Snap out of your delusion, and use Mars in Virgo, plus the building conjunction of Mercury and Saturn to get real. There are far too many serious disasters brewing for “pie in the sky” conceptualizing. Think economy, ecology, veterans’ affairs, recent court decisions, etc. That is not to say there aren’t positive movements building. There are, and hopefully you are a part of them. It’s just that the parallel crumblings of old systems and beliefs are creating great suffering during their lengthy and excruciating demise.

On a more personal level, however, one can utilize a hopeful, upbeat spirit, to take yourself into the holiday of gratitude, Thanksgiving! Try adding at least one totally new action into your holiday to spice up the traditional rituals. Enjoy what is good about the old, but liven it up with a new idea!

During the final week of the month, Venus in Capricorn will be sextile Saturn, and building to an opposition with Jupiter, which highlights the need for good boundaries, fiscal responsibility, and the potential to improve the foundations for one’s sense of safety and security. This will be further emphasized by the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, exact on November 25. The Sun will be trine to Uranus, and with both in fire signs, there’s an urge to bring new energy into the mix.

See you in December!

My best to you,



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