October Astrocycles 2013

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerFall is in full bloom as October opens with the Sun and Mercury in a T-square with Pluto and Uranus. Mars is squaring retrograde Jupiter as the Sun is approaching Saturn signaling the end of expansion for now—a sense of contraction has begun. The amount of darkness is increasing rapidly, and Pluto going direct has us, like Persephone, moving to the underworld.

The cyclical slowing down of our instinctual selves with the season may clash with our ego-directed selves that are still trying to move at the speed of the outer world, and what we sense are the demands of the culture. Venus and Saturn sit together in Libra, sorting out what is needed for balancing this growing darkness. Libra is the place these two planets are most comfortable with each other, Saturn exalted and Venus ruling. We may ponder our relationship with authority, outer authority figures, as well as our own inner authority.

How do we allow for the slowing of the body, the shifting of light, the changing temperatures? Sleep, sleep, perchance to dream. Let the unconscious do the lion’s share of this work, and try to get extra sleep. Socializing and speaking with others about what you are feeling will alert all parts of yourself to honor this cyclic change, and act as a reminder that humans cannot deny our connection with Nature.

By the end of the first week of October, Mercury and Venus enter a waxing trine with Neptune. Tune in to the frequency. Begin to sense a higher order at work here. Listen to your favorite music, take in a concert. Enjoy a walk in the park to watch the changing color and light. Don’t be surprised if a sense of sadness or melancholy comes over you. We can all be vulnerable to grieving our mortality in the season of dying light. On Sunday October 9, Venus moves into Scorpio, adding to the change of energy, and the sense of going inward.

On October 10, as the Moon approaches full, the Moon and Uranus conjoin in Aries. This could brighten your energy for a moment, or intensify your testiness, depending on your temperament. The Full Moon in Aries occurs October 11, at 7:04 PM PDT, with the Sun conjoined Saturn in Libra. “What I want vs what we need” arguments demand our attention. It’s a good time to find a way to accommodate a bit of both “me” and “us” in balance.

With the strong Saturn influence at hand, it would be good to ponder authority issues. How do experiences of the past color my current presumptions of authority? How much of that is useful? What could I let go of to improve the way I handle authority?

Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 13, deepening our thought processes. For the last two weeks of the month Mercury and Venus will be moving in tandem, the head and the heart together. Nearer the New Moon they get distracted by Mars squaring them from Leo. Mars and Venus spend the last 12 days of the month in a square, and Mercury joins Venus in the square for the last week of the month. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio want to be more secretive and below the radar while Mars in Leo wants it all out in the open. Go inside to find out your own heart’s desire, and don’t let yourself get pushed around.

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs at 12:56 PM October 26, opposing Jupiter in Taurus and sextiling Pluto. There will be support for reflection and trying to understand past actions. Do some journaling, put your deep thoughts, and possibly dreams, on paper. New moons are good times for imagining what we want to see and make happen, in ways that learn from past lessons. In Scorpio, think more along the lines of inner work than outer work. With the Sun and Moon forming a quincunx to Uranus there will be a need for making adjustments and fine-tuning communications. Make your actions count. This is not a time for reckless self-centered action but rather cooperative projects done for the common good.

By the last day of the month, Halloween, Venus forms a square to Neptune with Mercury on her heels, and Mars opposes Neptune to form a t-Square. Time to be careful around financial matters as well as relationships. Information may seem, and be, confusing. It's not the best time to be making important decisions without some real research.


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