Power Struggles and Responsible Leadership

by Madeline Gerwick

punchBy the time April starts, Mars is getting very slow as it gets near retrograde. By April 4th, Mars is within 1 degree of where it will stop on April 17th to start moving backwards. This means it’s already exceedingly hard to start anything new. If you do start anything new between now and April 17th, be prepared for delays. It’s best to start your strategic planning period now so you're ready to roll out your plan after Mars goes direct.

At least one cycle is right on time to assist your strategic planning process. It begins March 29 and peaks on April 5th. This cycle is related to responsible leadership (Sun trine Saturn). Leaders may have more responsibilities, but if so, they also have help with them. Managers, owners and political leaders are also ready to tackle some of the most important responsibilities they have. You can accomplish a lot with these energies.

Ideally at this time, leaders will start their organizational strategic planning for the next two years and encourage their employees to do the same for themselves personally. This cycle stays in range through April 11th.

However, at the same time we also have a cycle associated with power struggles (Sun square Pluto). It can also be related to the death or resignation of very highly regarded leaders. This cycle comes in range on March 30th and it peaks on April 6th. It stays in range through April 13th. Notice this is shortly after the March 23rd Lunar Eclipse associated with endings.

This cycle often represents a very highly regarded leader who is being manipulated to do something unethical. It can also represent the power struggle between a very capable leader and those who want to control the leader. This is a situation where the leader (Sun in Aries) is right, and stronger than the power players who are attempting to manipulate the leader.

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerIf you find yourself in a similar situation, stick to your integrity! All you need to do is share with others what this power player is trying to do. If you’ll put some light on the power play, this issue is likely to come to a quick halt.

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